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B2B eCommerce Case Studies

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Ortlieb woman bike turis

Founded in 1982 with a vision for nearly waterproof gear, ORTLIEB has been a pioneer in outdoor equipment. Embracing innovation, Ortlieb recently adopted Turis for their B2B eCommerce operations, streamlining processes and reflecting their ongoing commitment to excellence in products and business practices.

Grondals a danish based seafood canned company

Grøndals has been transforming their B2B operations with Turis since 2021, blending their commitment to quality and sustainability with innovative digital solutions. A journey that showcases how embracing digital tools in the seafood industry can enhance business efficiency and uphold core values.

Naturligolie Haarserum turis

Naturligolie switched from Excel Order Management to an intuitive digital platform, transforming their B2B sales and finance operations. Dive into their story to see how this shift has boosted efficiency and set the company up for efficiency and a seamless B2B ordering experience.

Bijoux 2

Barcelona’s Bijoux Indiscrets upgraded from an old wholesale system to Turis and saw quick gains in managing customers, easier use, and fewer order mistakes. The platform efficiently manages their intricate wholesale needs, addressing global tax variances and specific Spanish tax rules for different products and customer types.

Image of AYA&IDA pink, sustainable products

AYA&IDA needed an efficient approach to their B2B wholesale operations without the complexity and high costs of other systems. With Turis, they found the perfect fit – a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that simplified their B2B order management, enhancing the ordering experience for their customers.

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The Danish design studio MOEBE aims to simplify and enhance their customers’ lives with their products, a vision shared by Turis. Find out how MOEBE successfully streamlined their wholesale processes using a tool that resonates with their core values.

cam cam copenhagen baby bedding turis

Cam Cam Copenhagen serves major international clients and required a platform that truly reflects their brand and products. They needed technology to support, not block, their business growth, which led them to partner with Turis for an improved B2B buyer experience.

Buddy pet food

Before using Turis, Buddy Pet Food depended on inefficient email and Excel forms for B2B orders. With increasing demand for their quality pet food and snacks, they required a streamlined solution. They chose Turis for a swift transition to a professional B2B ordering platform, enhancing their efficiency and capacity to expand.

Dog eating PetGood

Petgood was handling their B2B orders by hand, a method that was slow and ineffective. Without a system for retailers to place and track orders autonomously, or to easily view the entire product range, inefficiencies were a given. That’s when they turned to Turis, marking the beginning of a transformative journey.

ergobaby mother carrying her baby

Two decades ago, a determined mother set out to redefine babywearing. Her mission wasn’t just about finding a solution – it was about making life easier for parents everywhere. Today, Ergobaby continues her legacy, driven by innovation and supported by Turis in simplifying B2B processes.