Learn how brands are growing their B2B eCommerce with Turis

Grondals a danish based seafood canned company

Canned Seafood Company, Grøndals

Discover how Grøndals transformed their B2B operations with Turis, blending their commitment to quality and sustainability with innovative digital solutions. A journey of aligned values and technological advancement in the seafood industry.

Dog eating PetGood

Sustainable Pet Food, Petgood

Learn how Petgood, a sustainable pet nutrition brand with its innovative insect-based pet food, has transformed its B2B operations, embracing Turis’ digital solutions to streamline its processes and enhance customer engagement.

Cam Cam Copenhagen

Premium & Organic Kids Brand, Cam Cam

See how Cam Cam Copenhagen benefited from swapping their old B2B ordering platform for a plug & play solution – Turis

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Organic Skincare, Naturligolie

The Danish brand Naturligolie is creating organic oils for skincare. Naturligolie comes with natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. Read how Naturligolie uses Turis to streamline all internal B2B processes.

Quality Food For Dogs,

Buddy Petfood

The Swedish brand Buddy Petfood, produces quality dog food with natural ingredients and dog supplements. Learn more about how the brand was able to fully automate order placement and invoicing through APIs, with Turis.

Sustainable Danish Design Brand,


Learn how AYA&IDA uses Turis’ B2B platform to provide sustainable alternatives through thoughtful design to retailers worldwide while actively giving back to communities in need.

Pleasure brand, Bijoux Indiscrets

Barcelona-based Bijoux Indiscrets swapped out their old wholesale platform for Turis and saw an instant benefit in terms of customer management, ease of use, and fewer order errors.

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Design Studio, MOEBE

The design studio MOEBE wants to create products that can make the lives of their customers simpler and better. So does Turis – learn more about how MOEBE were able to optimize all things wholesale with a tool that aligned perfectly with their own values.