AYA&IDA and Turis

Learn how AYA&IDA uses Turis’ B2B platform to provide sustainable alternatives through thoughtful design to retailers worldwide while actively giving back to communities in need.

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Who is AYA&IDA?

AYA&IDA started as a personal initiative driven by a desire to help reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability. We began the journey with the products being managed from home. We handled all inventory and operations within our private residence.

Since then, AYA&IDA has experienced growth and progress. We expanded beyond a home-based setup and now operate from an office space. This move to an office signifies a more established presence and indicates the growth of our business. With an office and the capacity to accommodate five employees, AYA&IDA has developed into a small team working towards our company’s goals.

AYA&IDA founders

Products that makes it easy to make a sustainable choice

Our products combine simple aesthetics, Danish design, and functionality – all factors that helps make more sustainable choices in everyday life.

We believe that a responsible approach to business benefits us all – and especially future generations. 1 in 10 people in the world lack access to clean water, and therefore; for every product sold, AYA&IDA Foundation donates, via UNICEF, 100 liters of clean water to some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

AYA&IDA has exciting plans on the horizon. We are eagerly attending design fairs in Paris, Oslo, London, and Denmark, where we will showcase our sustainable products and hopefully expand our network.

Additionally, we have prioritized a big effort towards carbon neutrality, calculating the CO2 emissions of our products and implementing strategies to minimize our environmental impact.

Our commitment to sustainability and making a positive change is at the forefront of our upcoming endeavors – and we cannot wait. It makes so much sense to us!

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Who are AYA&IDA’s customers?

AYA&IDA’s customers include:

  • Individual consumers who value sustainability and seek eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Independent lifestyle stores that focus on unique and sustainable products.
  • Stores with a focus on health and sustainability.
  • Business-to-business (B2B) clients looking for sustainable solutions.

Our mission revolves around relieving plastic waste, promoting sustainability, and encouraging responsible consumption. Our main brand value lies in providing sustainable alternatives through thoughtful design while also actively giving back to communities in need.

 Variety of AYA&IDA's sustainable drinking bottles with handles on a marble table
Green AYA&IDA food'ie container with oatmeal and toppings

Manual work was simplified with Turis

Before implementing Turis, we handled our B2B orders manually through various channels. Customers would place orders via Instagram, email, or phone calls. However, this manual process became challenging to handle and very time-consuming.

We recognized the need for a more efficient system to streamline our B2B wholesale operations. Other systems were expensive, complicated, and demanding IT systems that didn’t fit well with our busy day-to-day life.

Then I got introduced to Turis. Turis provided AYA&IDA with a comprehensive solution for managing B2B orders effectively. With Turis, customers now have a user-friendly platform dedicated to placing wholesale orders, which has significantly simplified the ordering process.

Turis offers a centralized system that consolidates and organizes B2B orders, allowing AYA&IDA to efficiently track, process, and manage each order. This automation has significantly reduced the manual workload and potential errors associated with manual order management.

Turis has proven to be a valuable tool for AYA&IDA, enabling us to streamline our B2B wholesale operations, enhance customer experience, and effectively manage orders during both regular and peak periods. I believe that by introducing Turis, our customers placed more orders simply because it was much easier for them.

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Strong partnership and exceptional customer support

The exceptional customer support received from Turis has been crucial for AYA&IDA, as it has allowed us to fully leverage the capabilities of the platform while addressing any challenges that arise. The strong partnership between AYA&IDA and Turis has been instrumental in the successful adoption and utilization of the B2B wholesale system.

Pink thermo bottle and pink drinking bottle from AYA&IDA outdoor on a tray

Intuitive interface

The intuitive design and easy-to-navigate interface have significantly expedited the learning process. New employees quickly adapt to the platform, allowing them to utilize its features effectively and contribute to the AYA&IDA B2B operations without extensive training.

Order management is a commonly favored feature on the Turis platform. Users appreciate the streamlined and efficient process it offers for managing B2B orders. The platform’s order management functionality allows businesses to track, process, and manage orders in a centralized system. This feature simplifies the order fulfillment process, improves accuracy, and provides real-time visibility into order status. The intuitive interface and user-friendly controls make it easy for us to navigate and effectively handle our B2B orders using the Turis platform.