Turis vs Shopify Plus

turis vs shopify plus
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turis b2b ecommerce shopify pricing comparison
  • Zero Data Migration Costs.
  • Zero Implementation Costs.
  • Zero Hidden Fees.
  • Zero Commission Fee on Your Sales.
  • 3 Month Cancellation Policy.
TurisShopify Plus
Platform Monthly Subscription Fee €99, €299, €599 and €999€2,115 for standard setups
Customization & DevelopmentNo need for developmentOn average from €35 to €55 per hour
Data Migration€0Additional paid service
Apps & Plugins€0Additional paid service
Implementation Fee€0Additional paid service
Commission Fee€0Third-party transaction fees if not using Shopify Payments0.2% per transaction
Cancellation Policy3 Months1 to 3 Years Term
  • Easy and clear interface.
  • Easy customization and platform management.
  • Easy operations with over 5000 Integrations and Connectors.
  • Easy Branding: Create your unique storefront.
  • Easy automation for your B2B operations.
  • Need more for your business? Use our Open API.

*WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get

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TurisShopify Plus
Ready to UseYesNo
Need for Plugins & AppsNoYes
Need for DevelopmentNoExtra service
Time to LaunchNo minimum Minimum 90 days
turis easiest b2b ecommerce interface
  • No plugins needed: It’s all there.
  • No development needed: No code.
  • Security and platform updates? It’s on us.
  • Fastest Go-Live in the market.
  • All B2B eCommerce features available from the start.
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Products (SKUs)
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Features
TurisShopify Plus
Easy & Clear InterfaceYesYes
Easy CustomizationYesNo
Easy IntegrationYesNo
Easy AutomationYesNo
FeaturesTuris AdvantagesShopify Plus Limitations
Order Line ItemsNo limits on line items, enabling large-scale orders without system failures.Limited to 500 line items (including variants) per order.
B2B Accelerated CheckoutsCustomizable B2B checkout flows that improve the buying experience.Standard checkout flows for B2B and wholesale.
Gift Certificate PurchasesRedeem gift certificates on B2B orders.Not available.
Generate B2B Orders from CSV FileCustomers can easily generate orders with a CSV file or just copy/paste from a spreadsheet.Not available.
Abandoned CheckoutsUse the Lost Sales feature to gain insights into unfinished orders and access tools to convert them into completed sales.Not available.
Custom CheckoutsCustomize multiple parts of the checkout flow (payments, delivery dates, file uploads…)Not available.
B2B LoginDesign and customize your login page with multiple elements (logo, font, colors, hero image).Not available.
General discount settingsEasily work with discounts from a single customer level to general discounts (multi-level) and everything in between.Not available.
Discount Tiers (incl. total-order-value based tiers)Work with discount tiers for individual products (unlimited levels) and true B2B discounts based on the full order value.Not available.
B2B Specific FeaturesExtensive features designed exclusively for B2B transactions, such as volume discounts, custom pricing, and B2B preorders.Limited B2B features; often requires workarounds or additional investment in apps.
Customer Login and ManagementIndividualized and secure login for B2B customers through a branded login page.Complicated login processes through a separate system that hinders customer engagement and activation.
B2B Deposits and Partial PaymentsUse invoice payments or credit card authorizations to collect deposits or partial payments.Not available.
Shipping Rules for B2B CustomersConfigure customer-specific shipping limits and set general amount/weight-based shipping tiers, customizable for each country.Not available.
Integration & ScalabilityIntegrates with more than 5000 Connectors & Integrations and an Open API for custom needs.Challenges with integration and scalability, particularly if B2B needs are complex.
Local DeliveryNot available.Not available.
Order PickupsNot available.Not available.