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After switching to Turis

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B2B orders received through various, inefficient means:

  • Email
  • Excel order forms
  • Fax
  • Photos of handwritten notes
  • Ancillary systems
  • Phone calls

This manual approach led to:

  • Hours of laborious, manual order processing
  • Higher chances of errors and miscommunications
  • Valuable time lost on cumbersome tasks, hindering growth
  • B2B revenue losses due to inefficient processing and slow response times
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty compromised by delays and inaccuracies

Retailers seamlessly place orders via Turis, eliminating the need for:

  • Endless phone tag
  • Prolonged email threads

Key benefits include:

  • Orders are directly fed into your workflow through Turis
  • Significant reduction in manual order processing time
  • Minimized errors and improved accuracy in order fulfillment
  • Increased operational efficiency with system integrations:
  • Seamlessly connected to your other business systems
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction due to quicker response times and reliability
  • More time to focus on growth strategies and customer engagement
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