After switching to Turis

Before starting with Turis our customers tried a lot of different things. They were trying to increase productivity with a bunch of stand-alone and general tools that weren’t really cut out to do what they wanted.

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It kind of works, right?

Spreadsheets, phone calls, order forms, price lists, product sheets, Dropbox links, Google Drive folders, PDFs and some even gave the good old fax machine a shot

As brands are building their businesses by creating awesome products and getting those early and important sales in, the operational side of running a wholesale business is often neglected.

Every approach to fix this becomes extremely reactive and desperate as one is simply trying to put out fires by improving marginally on a lot of different areas at the same time.

Naturally there are a lot of different areas to cover and the attempts to fix or optimize them are just as different (if not more).

The result is very often a mix of general business applications (for instance Emails or Spreadsheets) that are used to do something they definitely weren’t intended to do.

We saved some time, that’s all that matters

As long as we, as a company, can save time internally we don’t really need to think about what we impose on our customers or the experience they get

When trying to solve operational issues with tools such as Excel or any piece of software that isn’t really meant for interaction outside the business’ back office has very limited potential.

Add on top that you are asking your customers to do something overly tedious as a requirement for you to do business with them (for instance asking them to place orders out of a for in an .xlsx document). Remember, you are already asking for their business and it should be as simple as possible for them to give it to you.

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So, why are you reading this?

Because working with these other “tools” didn’t work. It could also be that you are wondering if you are up for the bumpy ride of using Excel as an eCommerce platform (wow, that looks crazy in writing) or if you should get some purposely made eCommerce software (like Turis) instead.

Regardless of whether you’re ready to sign up to a service that has the features you need or if you’re just trying to figure out how to approach digitizing your wholesale, we’re happy to show you around and see if we’d be a good fit for each other.

You can get started right away or we can have a chat and show you how Turis will optimize and grow your wholesale business.

It’s up to you…