Turis is your new digital wholesale and insights platform

So you have a wholesale business? Great! Now let's optimize your sales with a B2B eCommerce platform that includes just about everything you need.

Not just a webshop

While a webshop or online store is an important aspect of establishing a digital B2B setup, the shop itself is merely a shell.

In order for the effort to be successful, the shell needs to be packed with advanced features to accommodate for all that complexity that B2B and wholesale ordering includes (custom pricing, restricted access, contacts, payment terms, and more). With Turis you can do it all.

Turis allows you to
  • Get your own B2B shop where you are in full control
  • Implement your visual identity
  • Invite your retailers to shop wholesale with you in a password-protected space where products and prices are only shown to users that you approve of

Is Turis for my business?

wholesale icon
Are you in wholesale?

If your business is focused on wholesale, or you have retailers selling your products, Turis is for you!

consumer brand icon
Are you a consumer brand?

Order sheets don’t sell. Give your products a visual presence with our B2B eCommerce platform.

manual orders icon
Do you handle orders manually?

Let your customers place orders digitally & sync them to your choice of accounting system or ERP.

The engine of your wholesale business

At Turis, we believe that ambitious brands should remain in control of how and to who they do wholesale business with.We don't want to be yet another wholesale marketplace where most brand and retailer relationships end after the first order.We believe in long term (and even long-distance!) relationships.Turis comes with a wide range of features that will help you build and nurture your retailer/buyer connections. The first step on that journey is a simple order process for your customers, and with Turis you get that too.

B2B Shop

Your products deserve a beautiful visual presence. Let us help you digitize your orders, and say goodbye to those order sheets. Give your wholesale customers a true eCommerce experience with Turis.


Turis integrates with the most popular platforms and services

And about 2000 platforms more…

Markets & Prices

B2B sales are complicated. You have market exclusive products, unique retailer pricing, and segments that need different settings.

Leverage Insights

Get to know your customers based on their behavior and activity. This enables you to make better decisions about how, when, and what to sell to them.

Why should you go with Turis?

Turis is a fully-fledged platform for managing every aspect of your wholesale business.

Instead of trying to patch a bunch of different tools together (if they can even be patched together), Turis is a one-stop platform for B2B eCommerce and digital wholesale where all features are deeply integrated with each other.

Stop patching things together, get Turis and start:
  • Giving your retailers a seamless ordering experience with your own B2B eCommerce shop
  • Getting applications from new retailers and automatically create users for them (onboarding a new retailer is now as simple as accepting a friend on Facebook)
  • Managing your retailers and their buyers efficiently in one place (including all their purchase-related information and custom settings)
  • Accepting invoice and immediate payments (credit card) based on the individual retailer's settings. Incentivize your wholesale clients to order online and collect the payment immediately (no need to spend hours reminding about invoices due). In wholesale, it's hard to generalize so we've made it easy to differentiate terms in Turis which automatically will affect the individual buyer's purchase flow.
  • Integrating Turis with your favorite platforms. Accounting systems, ERPs, CRMs, B2C shop systems, and more. 2000+ integrations can be activated with a few clicks.