End To End Platform for
Digital Wholesale

Wholesale brought to your customers in a true online eCommerce experience.


What’s Turis?

  • A fully digitalised wholesale platform with a built-in storefront
  • You control the prices, who is invited and can place orders.
  • Multi-level customization
  • And so much more – review feature list 👇

Fast and easy implementation

Fast and easy does not always go along with digital implementations. But with Turis it does!

We aim to get users up and running in record time! How do we do this? – By assisting them with each step of the setup. Most companies are ready to launch within a week, some on the same day they signed up.

  • Sign up!

    Whether you choose Starter or Pro, it all starts with the sign up.

  • Upload data

    All Turis Pro users benefit from our world class support. We help you format, verify and upload your data. You’ll be up and running in no time.

  • Settings

    Now it’s all about setting Turis up to work with your business and its processes. Don’t worry – we’ll show you the way.

  • 4,000+ Integrations

    Automate your business with more than 4,000 integrations. Your creativity sets the limit for just how much you can optimize.

    Browse integrations here

  • Invite your retailers

    After your data, settings and integrations all set up. All you need is to invite your retailers to start shopping online.

    This is the Magic Era

Is Turis a fit for your business?

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Are you in wholesale?

If your business is focused on larger order volume, or you have retailers selling your products, Turis was meant for you!

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Are you tired of order sheets?

Give your products a visual presence with our B2B eCommerce platform.

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Do you handle orders manually?

Start saving time by automating your wholesale order process. Let your customers place orders digitally & sync them to your choice of accounting system or ERP.

Then it was meant to be!
Still not convinced? Keep reading…

What do you get with Turis?

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The engine of your
wholesale business

At Turis, we believe that an ambitious brand should remain in control of how and with whom they do wholesale business. That is why we don’t want to be yet another wholesale marketplace where most brands and retailers relationships end after the first order. We aim to build long-lasting (and even long-distance!) relationships.

Turis comes with a wide range of features that will help you build and nurture your retailers’/buyers’ connections. The first step of this journey is a simple order process for your customers, and with Turis you get that too.

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Why should you go with Turis?

Turis is a fully digitalised platform, managing every aspect of your wholesale business.

Instead of trying to patch a bunch of different tools together (if they can even be patched together). Turis is a one-stop platform for B2B eCommerce and digital wholesale where all features are deeply integrated with each other.


This list is ever-growing, and we try hard to keep it up to date.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel like you’re missing something. We might already have it.

Wholesale Management

  • Product Import Import all of your products effortless with our bulk importer or connect a data source
  • Product Content Enable your retailers to download your content in your automatically updated Image & Content Bank
  • Retailer Management Create Retailers and their associated contacts to provide the right people with personal access to browse and buy wholesale from you
  • Order Management Manage wholesale orders and automatically notify customers on order changes/updates
  • Bulk Data Import Import data in bulk for multiple properties
  • Tax Settings Support for differentiated tax on product, country and customer level (including support for tax exempt customers)
  • Integrations Connect Turis with more than 4,000 other platforms – no coding required
  • API Take integrations a step further with our Open API and develop exactly what you need
  • Language & Translations Turis is available in more than 180 languages
  • Price Lists & Discounts Turis supports wholesale prices and discounts on multiple levels to satisfy almost any need for individualization
  • Sales Agents Add sales agents and assign them to retailers to allow them to place orders on behalf of the customers they represent
  • Stock Management Manage your stock directly in Turis, with a ready made integration, an app or develop your own integration with our API
  • Payments You don’t need to rely only on invoice payments. Accept credit card payments from all or selected customers

B2B eCommerce platform

  • Customizable eCommerce storefront made for wholesale Implement your brand and visual identity in the wholesale customer experience
  • Simply and wholesale-efficient product overview Display your products visually, categorized and neatly organized to allow for fast ordering (and re-ordering)
  • Product Variants Structure your products with different variant settings depending on your product types and how your customers purchase them
  • Password Protected Customers need access to purchase via Turis. When you create customers and contacts we automatically send them an invite – no additional setup required
  • Share Product Catalog Need to share an open product catalog to potential customers? No problem – Turis comes with a link where users can browse product information (no wholesale prices, though)
  • Image and Content Bank Your customers have easy access to product content. You don’t even need to maintain it – just create your products and your users can download what they need directly in Turis
  • Express Ordering Allow customers (all or specific ones) to place large orders with only a few clicks
  • Retailer Specific Languages Make ordering easier by setting the language for specific retailers
  • Personal Buyer Logins No need to use shared logins – all buyers can get their own individual logins
  • Branded Login Page Put your wholesale customers in your brand universe by serving them a login page them can recognize and be inspired by
  • Custom URL We’ll provide you with a free subdomain by default. If you want a custom URL (e.g. wholesale.yourwebsite.com we can offer you that as well)
  • Buyer Order History No need for buyers to browse email inboxes for order confirmations. Buyer can login and browse their order history and recent order updates
  • Notifications Send order confirmations, order changes or other updates automatically as changes occur


  • In-Platform Chat Support We are all about great support. Reach us on the in-platform chat for instant response to most queries
  • E-Mail Support Prefer email? Don’t worry! We offer email support as well if your question needs a bigger canvas


Turis integrates with the most popular platforms and services.

And about 4,000 platforms more…

Are you still having doubts about what Turis can do for you?

Turis visual 17

A branded B2B eCommerce platform

Your products deserve a beautiful visual presentation. Let us help you digitize your orders, and say goodbye to those order sheets. Give your wholesale customers a true eCommerce experience with Turis.

Turis visual 18

Retailer individualization

B2B sales are mostly individual. With Turis, you can offer market exclusive products, unique retailer pricing, or add extra segments that need further adjustments.

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Integrations and automation

Automatically created orders, invoices, shipments and products thanks to our numerous integrations. You can send any data to CRM or BI tools. We can also easily sync your inventory with other B2C eCommerce platforms (such as Shopify and WooCommerce).

All this without writing a single line of code!

Get Turis and get endless benefits by:

  • Giving your retailers a seamless ordering experience with your own B2B eCommerce shop
  • Getting applications from new retailers and automatically create users for them (onboarding a new retailer is now as simple as accepting a friend on Facebook)
  • Managing your retailers and their buyers efficiently in one place (including all their purchase-related information and custom settings)
  • Accepting invoice and immediate payments (credit card) based on the individual retailer’s settings. Incentivize your wholesale clients to order online and collect the payment immediately (no need to spend hours reminding about invoices due). In wholesale, it’s hard to generalize, so we’ve made it easy to differentiate terms in Turis which automatically will affect the individual buyer’s purchase flow.
  • Integrating Turis with your favourite platforms. Accounting systems, ERPs, CRMs, B2C shop systems, and more. +4000 integrations can be activated with a few clicks.
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