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Skip the spreadsheets, ignore the maintenance.

Turis is the no-code powerhouse for all your wholesale eCommerce needs.

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Wholesale Done Your Way

Wholesale storefront

Imagine a wholesale store that feels different, in a good way. With our platform, you can easily handle orders, set prices, and run your whole B2B operation. It’s not just any online shop; it’s an unmatched experience that changes the game for wholesale eCommerce.

Customer-specific experiences

Imagine giving each of your wholesale clients their own unique experience. Set different terms, prices, and offerings with ease. It’s like having multiple stores in one, all aimed at making your clients feel special.

Automate for success

Think of it as setting your wholesale store on autopilot. Connect Turis to the tools you already use, and let the system do the heavy lifting. Now you’re free to focus on what really matters—growing your business.

Control panel

A dashboard where you have it all at your fingertips—no code needed. Easily tweak your store’s look, manage orders, and set prices. Track customer behavior and sales trends. It’s your entire business control center, simplified and made user-friendly.

Point, click, order!

Sell everything
Think of a wholesale storefront that goes beyond just fulfilling bulk orders—it’s a B2B eCommerce hub that actively showcases your entire product line. Say goodbye to repeat orders of the same old items. With our specialized wholesale interface, your business clients can easily explore and purchase from your complete range of products. It’s not just an order sheet; it’s a dynamic B2B marketplace optimized to expand your sales.

Embracing Your Full Product Range
Businesses often have many versions (also called variations) of their products, like different sizes or colors. It’s important to offer all these versions because customers might want something specific. It’s equally important to sell them. But when you handle these orders through emails, spreadsheets, or other methods, it can get pretty confusing and tricky.

Turis solves this problem. It helps you manage and offer these product variations more easily, so you don’t miss out on any sales. Even if you’re used to dealing with orders in different ways, Turis can simplify the whole process for you.

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New and shiny wholesale storefront

Your Competitive Edge with Turis

In the realm of wholesale having a dedicated storefront is a special place just for your most important customers. It should be treated this way and your opportunity with Turis is that the brands you compete with often don’t think about it this way.

Our wholesale storefront is designed to make things super smooth and organized when it comes to wholesale eCommerce experiences – not only for your customers, but also for you as a brand.

It’s a store that’s not open to everyone, but only to your select B2B and wholesale customers. It’s not just any store – it’s a store that’s purposely designed for bigger transactions, where everything is set up to be quick, efficient, and perfectly aligned with what B2B customer needs and expects.

Perfecting the Wholesale Experience

Professional buyers wants the purchasing process to be easy, the orders to be accurate, and the prices to align with the terms they have agreed to.

That’s where your wholesale eCommerce solution comes in. It’s the tool that turns these expectations into reality. It’s not just about having a storefront – it’s about having a storefront that works exactly the way your buyers want it to. With Turis, you can provide them with an experience that matches their needs perfectly. From the moment they place an order to the moment it’s delivered, Turis helps you keep things aligned and make your wholesale buyers really happy in all steps of the customer journey.

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You’re in control

Every Detail Aligned to Your Business’s Unique Needs

Wholesale revolves around tailoring everything to suit each business’s unique needs. This covers a wide range of aspects: the special arrangements your customers might have, the right prices for them, the specific products they prefer, who is authorized to place orders, making sure everything is in their preferred language, and even dealing in their preferred currencies.

Unleash Customization for Perfect B2B eCommerce Experiences

This is exactly what Turis is about. It’s like having a powerful tool in your hands that lets you make all these customizations with ease. We believe in giving you the freedom to put your business logic and processes behind how you personalize these aspects. There’s no holding back your creativity when it comes to shaping the perfect wholesale experience for your customers. With Turis, you’re not limited – you can create an environment that’s perfectly suited to each customer’s needs and preferences.

Connect and automate

Receiving orders on email, paper, phone or even fax equals a lot of tedious tasks that is typing up data manually in all the services you use. Whether it’s your ERP, accounting, logistics, product information or something else, it takes time away from everything that’s important.

Turis comes with thousands of integrations so that you can connect the services you need to automate processes. No coding required, just connect the services you need and start automating.

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What other users were able to

  • Boost wholesale growth by providing customers with an enjoyable interactive ordering experience
  • Cut costs and hours with automated integrations
  • Expand product sales with Turis – encourage customers to explore and purchase beyond the usual
  • Enhance customer experiences and fast-track deliveries

What’s it like using Turis?

Turis is just great.

We save a significant amount of time because we no longer have to manually enter orders from our customers.
mel w ergobaby rd

Melanie W.

Key Account Specialist @ Ergobaby
Excellent platform!

Very good so far! Everything much easier and faster for us and our clients! Highly recommended!
amanda m fashion toys

Amanda M.

Marketing Manager @ Fashion Toys
The support is outstanding.

It’s easy to set up and get started with the software’s ease of use. The order handling and integrations are very nice.
simon t natol

Simon T.

Creative Director @ Naturlig Olie
Innovative and solid B2B platform with excellent features.

We love how the products are displayed and the upload function makes it easy for our customers to place an order.
katarina camcamcph

Katarina D.

Customer Service Specialist @ Cam Cam Copenhagen

Launch in no time

  • Sign up!

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  • Upload data

    Turis Pro users enjoy top-tier support. We assist with data formatting, verification, and uploads for a swift start

  • Your storefront is ready

    Now, let’s configure Turis to match your business and processes. Rest assured, we’ll guide you all the way.

  • Thousands of integrations

    Automate using thousands of integrations – your creativity defines the optimization possibilities.

    Browse integrations here

  • Invite your retailers

    Once your data, settings, and integrations are ready, invite retailers and see orders start flowing

    This is the Magic Era

Are you ready?

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The core of your wholesale success

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Your new powerhouse

At Turis, we think ambitious brands should have control over their wholesale business. That’s why we’re not just another marketplace where relationships end quickly. We’re here to create lasting connections.

Turis offers features to strengthen your relationships with buyers. It starts with an easy order process, which Turis provides.

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What sets Turis apart?

Turis is a complete digital wholesale platform, handling all your B2B needs.

No need to struggle with piecing together various tools. Turis offers an all-in-one B2B eCommerce solution where features work seamlessly together.

Highlighted features

Wholesale Management

  • Product Import Import all of your products effortless with our bulk importer or connect a data source
  • Product Content Enable your retailers to download your content in your automatically updated Image & Content Bank
  • Retailer Management Create Retailers and their associated contacts to provide the right people with personal access to browse and buy wholesale from you
  • Order Management Manage wholesale orders and automatically notify customers on order changes/updates
  • Bulk Data Import Import data in bulk for multiple properties
  • Tax Settings Support for differentiated tax on product, country and customer level (including support for tax exempt customers)
  • Integrations Connect Turis with more than 4,000 other platforms – no coding required
  • API Take integrations a step further with our Open API and develop exactly what you need
  • Language & Translations Turis is available in more than 180 languages
  • Price Lists & Discounts Turis supports wholesale prices and discounts on multiple levels to satisfy almost any need for individualization
  • Sales Agents Add sales agents and assign them to retailers to allow them to place orders on behalf of the customers they represent
  • Stock Management Manage your stock directly in Turis, with a ready made integration, an app or develop your own integration with our API
  • Payments You don’t need to rely only on invoice payments. Accept credit card payments from all or selected customers

B2B eCommerce platform

  • Customizable eCommerce storefront made for wholesale Implement your brand and visual identity in the wholesale customer experience
  • Simply and wholesale-efficient product overview Display your products visually, categorized and neatly organized to allow for fast ordering (and re-ordering)
  • Product Variants Structure your products with different variant settings depending on your product types and how your customers purchase them
  • Password Protected Customers need access to purchase via Turis. When you create customers and contacts we automatically send them an invite – no additional setup required
  • Share Product Catalog Need to share an open product catalog to potential customers? No problem – Turis comes with a link where users can browse product information (no wholesale prices, though)
  • Image and Content Bank Your customers have easy access to product content. You don’t even need to maintain it – just create your products and your users can download what they need directly in Turis
  • Express Ordering Allow customers (all or specific ones) to place large orders with only a few clicks
  • Retailer Specific Languages Make ordering easier by setting the language for specific retailers
  • Personal Buyer Logins No need to use shared logins – all buyers can get their own individual logins
  • Branded Login Page Put your wholesale customers in your brand universe by serving them a login page them can recognize and be inspired by
  • Custom URL We’ll provide you with a free subdomain by default. If you want a custom URL (e.g. wholesale.yourwebsite.com we can offer you that as well)
  • Buyer Order History No need for buyers to browse email inboxes for order confirmations. Buyer can login and browse their order history and recent order updates
  • Notifications Send order confirmations, order changes or other updates automatically as changes occur


  • In-Platform Chat Support We are all about great support. Reach us on the in-platform chat for instant response to most queries
  • E-Mail Support Prefer email? Don’t worry! We offer email support as well if your question needs a bigger canvas