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The World’s Easiest B2B Wholesale eCommerce Platform

Turis redefines the digital B2B Wholesale eCommerce landscape, offering a B2B Ecommerce platform that not only meets all your B2B needs but does so with a unique flair. Imagine a wholesale storefront that not only handles orders, sets prices, and runs your entire B2B operation but also offers an unmatched experience that elevates wholesale eCommerce to new heights.

With Turis, you can provide each of your wholesale clients with a customized experience, setting different terms, prices, and offerings with unparalleled ease. It’s like operating multiple stores within a single, streamlined platform, all tailored to make your clients feel uniquely valued.

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Easily manage your product line and important data with Turis. From seamless bulk imports and comprehensive stock management to advanced product content features, ensure your inventory is always up-to-date and ready for business. Our tools include:

  • Bulk Product Import: Easily upload your entire product catalog or connect directly to external data sources for continuous synchronization.
  • Automated Content Bank: Enable automatic downloads of product images and information, keeping your retailers always informed.
  • Diverse Data Management: Handle complex tax settings and multilingual options effortlessly, catering to global business needs.
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Turis simplifies the complexities of wholesale management. Control your retailer relationships and enhance order processing with features designed for efficiency:

  • Retailer Profiles: Create detailed profiles for your retailers, giving them personalized access to shop and manage their orders.
  • Dynamic Order Management: Automate notifications and keep your customers updated about order statuses, changes, and updates without manual intervention.
  • Sales Agent Integration: Assign sales agents to handle orders, providing a personalized service to your retailers.
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Turis offers unmatched flexibility and integration capabilities that adapt to your business needs. From customizable storefronts to robust API integrations, personalize your platform and connect with ease:

  • Flexible APIs: Extend functionality with our Open API and seamlessly integrate with over 4,000 platforms.
  • Personalized Storefront: Implement your brand’s visual identity and customize your B2B eCommerce environment to reflect your unique style.
  • Express Ordering and Custom URLs: Speed up your ordering process and offer a personalized shopping domain for an enhanced customer experience.
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Improve customer interactions through Turis’s advanced multi-language tools and accessibility features. Our platform ensures that everyone involved, from buyers to retailers, enjoys a streamlined, user-friendly experience:

  • Individual Login Options: Grant personal logins to your buyers to foster independence and security.
  • Multi-language Support: Break language barriers by setting specific languages for different retailers, enhancing their browsing experience.
  • Real-time Notifications: Keep your clients well-informed with automatic updates on their order status and any new changes.
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Send us your product data in a .csv format, and we’ll work our magic to get your products all set up and ready to shine!

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Optimize your B2B settings with us, and we’ll create a storefront that’s good looking. Just like you.


Let us know which integrations you need, and we’ll connect you to our network of over 4000 integrations.

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  • Bulk Product Import Upload your wholesale product catalog using our bulk importer or connect to an external data source.
  • Product Content (Image and Content Bank): Your retailers can easily access and download your content product information from the automatically updated Image & Content Bank feature.
  • B2B Retailer Management Easily create retailer profiles and contacts. Give the right people direct access for browsing and buying from your B2B eCommerce.
  • B2B Order Management Simplify and automate your wholesale orders, and keep your customers updated automatically.
  • Bulk Data Import Import data in bulk for multiple properties.
  • Product Tax Settings Manage different tax rates based on product, country, and customer type, including exemptions.
  • eCommerce Integrations Connect Turis with more than 5,000 connectors and other platforms – no coding required.
  • API Integrations Take B2B software integrations a step further with our Open API and develop exactly what you need.
  • Language & Translations Turis is available in more than 180 languages.
  • Price Lists & Discounts Add wholesale prices and discounts on various levels to meet different customer needs.
  • Sales Agents Assign sales agents to retailers, enabling them to place orders on behalf of their customers.
  • Stock Management Control your inventory using our built-in integration, an app, or by creating a custom solution with our API.
  • Wholesale Payment Options Accept credit card payments from all or selected customers.
  • Customizable B2B eCommerce Storefront Implement your brand and visual identity in the wholesale customer experience without any code.
  • Wholesale Efficient Product Overview Display your products visually, categorized and neatly organized to allow for fast ordering (and re-ordering).
  • B2B Preorders Offer your customers and retailers the ability to preorder products and improve your inventory management, anticipate demand, and streamline production schedules.
  • Product Variants Structure your products with different variant settings depending on your product types and how your customers purchase them
  • Password Protected Customers need access to purchase via Turis. When you create customers and contacts we automatically send them an invite – no additional setup required.
  • Share Product Catalog Share a link to your product catalog, allowing potential customers to browse product information without seeing wholesale prices.
  • Image and Content Bank Your customers can easily access product content. Just create your products, and they can download what they need directly from Turis, no maintenance required.
  • Express Ordering Enable customers, whether all or specific ones, to place large orders quickly with just a few clicks.
  • Retailer Specific Languages Make ordering easier for your retailers by setting their preferred language.
  • Personal B2B Buyer Logins All buyers get their own individual logins.
  • Branded Login Page Customize your login page with your brand and imagery.
  • Custom URL By default your store will have a free subdomain but we can also create a custom URL (e.g.
  • Buyer Order History Buyers can view all their order history and recent updates in the platform.
  • Notifications Automatic notifications are sent for all order confirmations and updates.
  • In-Platform Chat Support We are all about great support. Reach us on the in-platform chat for instant response to most queries.
  • E-Mail Support Prefer email? Don’t worry! We offer email support as well if your question needs a bigger canvas.
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simon t natol

The support is outstanding.

Simon T.

Creative Director @ Naturlig Olie
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Turis is just great.

Melanie W.

Key Account Specialist at Ergobaby
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katarina camcamcph

Innovative and solid B2B platform.


Customer Service Specialist @ Cam Cam Copenhagen
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Excellent platform!

Amanda M.

Marketing Manager @ Fashion Toys
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