No one should be running their most important sales channel manually

Wholesale is often highlighted with the importance it has as an overall business model that spans across almost any vertical and it even taps into virtual products too. It’s significance in terms of the transaction volumes wholesale represents suggests that it is one of the most important channels for the businesses who operate within it.

This is something that we experienced first hand by working in and with the industry and it sparked the question of why such an important part of a business is handled so poorly with outdated processes and (no) tools to optimize it.

The answer to that question comes in many different versions of the same core:

We are a complicated business and our processes rely on manual processes and employees rather than a structured approach supported by digital infrastructure.

As a company, we decided to challenge the status quo based on a belief that this perception was merely based on the what the available solutions had to offer and the fact that very little innovation had been adopted in wholesale or B2B platforms.

This is the motivation we brought to the very first version of Turis and something that we continue to bring to every new feature and release.

Legacy should never be something that gets to block optimization and innovation in any company and that is something we are proud of being able to challenge by delivering our services to users all over the world.

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