We’ve done it too.

Spreadsheets. Orders forms. Makeshift solutions.

These are just a few examples of how brands are (or have been) approaching wholesale and B2B sales.

Rooted in a belief that the brand and its processes are so unique that absolutely no solution can encompass sales to business accounts.

So, what does most brands do?

They start building. With no internal IT resources, they set out to build a beast of something that is a 1:1 conversion of a business process.

Challenges start to build up.

Building something from scratch is not easy. Whether you are using some kind of framework or you are building from the ground up, the task is too big for any company that is not a dedicated IT company to take on.

Most companies don’t build the IT systems and applications they use. They buy them ready-made.

So why are you doing this for your most important sales channel?

Wholesale and B2B sales make up for the majority of sales that most brands have.

At the same time, wholesale buyers are exposed to order forms or overly complicated “eCommerce” solutions that do nothing but reduce sales.

Wholesale and B2B buyers (your customers) know what to expect from a good eCommerce experience.

They expect this every time they shop online – whether it’s in a B2C or B2B context.

That’s why we built Turis.

We felt the pain of using your order forms.

The pain of your custom eCommerce solution that has never been maintained or updated.

The feeling that doing business with brands that do so was more of a task than a smooth experience.

A tool made specifically for wholesale and B2B sales that can handle the endless conditions and workflows that is unique to these areas of business.

A tool that could be picked off the shelf and implemented in any business large and small.

A tool that delights and meets the expectations of the wholesale and B2B buyers of today while meeting business requirements.

Without having to build anything.

Without having to maintain anything.

Without having to host anything.

Just a tool to be picked up and used.

A tool that instantly gives any brand wholesale super powers.

You make great products. You should continue to do that.

We’ll help you sell them in the most efficient way.

All while your customers enjoy the ease of doing business with you in your new ever-evolving wholesale and B2B platform.

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