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Get a B2B eCommerce platform that comes with a great storefront made purposely for B2B and all the features you need to do business the way you prefer.

B2B eCommerce

How it works

Get started by simply creating an account with Turis and select the plan that corresponds to your expected B2B revenue (only the revenue that is facilitated by Turis – EDI orders, etc. doesn’t matter).

Book a demo to see how Turis works or sign up for a free trial to see things for yourself.

Import your products from an export generated by WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop or something similar.

It’s important to keep in mind that B2B and wholesale generally has more data than what you use on simpler eCommerce tools like the ones mentioned above. Think market-specific pricing (multi currency and different levels for each currency), customer specific pricing and maybe even varying discount levels.

These are just examples of the sources you could use for getting your products into Turis.

By the way – our support is really great and they’ll be able to assist you in getting your products set up just the right way for your B2B sales.

Turis allows you to control your retailers and B2B customers like never before. You get a CRM-like ability to set conditions (such as payment terms), control what products they get access to (and which they don’t), what price lists that applies to them, what contacts can login and much more.

Setting up your retailers and B2B customers in Turis is the foundation of how you do business. It is all about the level of individualization you want to offer on all the areas mentioned above (and more).

When that structure is in place, Turis will manage and control the experience your customers get based on your unique settings.

When you sign up for Turis, you get a fully fledged customizable B2B storefront that is the very core of your B2B eCommerce platform.

Our B2B Storefront can be set up in a completely codeless way, meaning that you can implement your brand identity, control the available elements (product containers, navigation, categories, product groups and much more) and get everything just as you’d like.

BONUS: The B2B Storefront also comes with a customizable login page that reflects your brand and gives your customers the right start to any B2B eCommerce shopping experience with you.

When you launch and start receiving B2B orders in Turis you also say goodbye to manual and tedious tasks like order in:

– Accounting systems
– ERPs
– Shipping and WMS
– Stock management

And more!

Turis comes with integrations and connectors for thousands of systems that enable you to:

– Save time on manual data entry
– Reduce or completely remove order errors
– Log user activity in your favorite tools (Google Analytics, Hotjar, HubSpot and the like)
– Automate various admin tasks by syncing data real time

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What’s Turis?

Turis is a B2B eCommerce solution that features everything a brand needs to handle B2B and wholesale. Everything is available for you to use right out of the box. No coding required! Sure, we have a public API should you want to integrate with something we don’t have covered in our 5,000+ connectors.

Our software streamlines your ordering process, delivering a seamless experience for your retailers. It’s the modern sales tool you need to keep up with the demands of B2B buyers in 2023.

Your wholesale, streamlined

Wholesale storefront

Experience hassle-free B2B eCommerce with our turnkey wholesale storefront. Enable bulk orders, manage customer-specific pricing, and customize catalogs effortlessly—all without coding.

Customer-specific experiences

Deliver B2B experiences with personalized product offerings, service conditions, and payment terms. Cater to the unique needs of each business customer effortlessly.

Automate for success

Supercharge your efficiency and reduce operational costs with our extensive range of integrations. Connect Turis effortlessly to your essential business tools, enabling you to focus on what truly matters.

Control panel

Manage customers, products, pricing, and orders all from a single, user-friendly dashboard—no coding required. Customize your wholesale storefront and keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Point, click, order!

It should be this simple, even for wholesale. And with Turis, it is. Retailers in over 100 countries love using Turis for ordering wholesale; they say it’s the easiest way. We couldn’t agree more.

Unlock Your Full Range: Don’t miss out on sales for your different product variations. No matter if you’re taking orders by email, spreadsheets, or custom systems, you’re likely making multi-variant orders more complex than they need to be.

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turis custom pricing

You’re in control

In the world of wholesale, tailoring things specifically to each customer is really important. This includes things like the special rules they have, how much they should pay, which products they can buy, who is allowed to place orders, using their preferred language, and even using the currency they prefer.

Turis is designed to help you do all of that customization, and we won’t limit your creativity in how you want to personalize things for your customers. You have the freedom to make everything just right for each of your customers.

Connect and automate

Receiving orders on email, paper, phone or even fax equals a lot of tedious tasks that is typing up data manually in all the related services you use. Whether it’s your ERP, accounting, logistics, product information or something else, it takes time away from everything that’s important.

Turis comes with thousands of integrations so that you can connect the services you need to automate processes. No coding required, just connect the services you need and start automating.

turis integrations 1
mel w ergobaby rd

Melanie W.

Key Account Specialist at Ergobaby

“Turis is just great.”

“We save a significant amount of time because we no longer have to manually enter orders from our customers.”

The support is outstanding.

It’s easy to set up and get started with the software’s ease of use. The order handling and integrations are very nice.
simon t natol

Simon T.

Creative Director @ Naturlig Olie
Innovative and solid B2B platform with excellent features.

We love how the products are displayed and the upload function makes it easy for our customers to place an order.
katarina camcamcph

Katarina D.

Customer Service Specialist @ Cam Cam Copenhagen
Excellent platform!

Very good so far! Everything much easier and faster for us and our clients! Highly recommended!
amanda m fashion toys

Amanda M.

Marketing Manager @ Fashion Toys
The previous B2B plugin didn’t work well for us as we use a lot of skus (with sizes) and that platform did not cope well.

Turis does.
snoozebaby quote

Marleen R.

Owner @ Snoozebaby

Case study highlight

AYA&IDA & Turis

“Turis has proven to be a valuable tool for AYA&IDA, enabling us to streamline our B2B wholesale, enhance customer experience, and effectively manage orders.

Image of AYA&IDA pink, sustainable products

What kind of business are you?

Can Turis replace your existing setup?

Yes! Turis can be integrated with a lot of platforms via our standard integrations and connectors. By using our standard integrations you’ll be able to instantly connect Turis to the platforms you use – with NO CODE. Just a few clicks and you can start sending or receiving data. It’s simple and it allows you to optimize from the very beginning.

In addition to that, we have an Open API if you want to go really deep and custom with your integrations.

Yes! Wholesale is all about customisation – whether it’s on prices, terms, shipping, product exclusivity or something else. Turis can help you do all of that, so your retailers don’t need to think about it as they are placing orders with you. What is more, you don’t need to waste time on checking the terms of each customer again and again.

You can get somewhere with these, but as neither WooCommerce nor Shopify is explicitly intended for B2B and wholesale, using a plugin does come with quite a few drawbacks.

To name a few:

  • The plugin is a layer on top of your B2C or branding website. Things will be tangled up and eventually hard to separate and equally difficult to manage
  • Plugins require compatibility with the system to which they are added. Whether that is WooCommerce or Shopify, you risk that updating other plugins or apps will affect the functionality of the wholesale plugin. In addition, the core version of your CMS/B2C eCommerce platform can also auto-update which can leave your wholesale plugin out of order
  • Adding a B2B element to a B2C intended system will induce conflicts in terms of experience and feature set
  • You will have to allocate technical resources for setting things up, customization and maintenance

Yes! Turis is a no-code tool which means that you don’t need to be able to write any code or know how to deploy on servers.

Everything is built right in and if you need help with any part of the setup our support is there to help you.

Using lo-fi tools like Excel, PDFs and email to order products might seem simple. However, it takes a lot of effort for your customers to locate your product list (it can be stored in an inbox, bulletin board, local file, different computer, etc.).

Once they have the file opened, there are a lot of things for the user to take into consideration. What products did we order the last time? What are the prices? What is the currency? What are the ordering conditions? What sizes are available? The list goes on…

Think of it as, “Would you like to place orders the way your retailers have to when they are buying from you?”

With Turis, all these methods will be the past. Your customers don’t even need to sign up. They only need to access your wholesale storefront and add the products they want there. The platform will handle all the conditions involved and ensure a smooth and simplified order process that your retailers will love to repeat.