MOEBE and Turis

Find inspiration in the Scandinavian design brand MOEBE’s story about how they became more professional and efficient with their B2B orders.

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Who is MOEBE?

MOEBE is a Scandinavian design brand based in Copenhagen. The company was formed in 2014 by architects Martin de Neergaard Christensen, Nicholas Oldroyd, and cabinet maker Anders Thams.

They initially started selling their signature design, the see-through frame, in the Danish market but quickly saw an increasing demand for their design items.

Their quality products that are environmentally friendly, easy to assemble, and follow the Scandinavian simplicity proved very popular. By adding more variety to the product line, MOEBE soon started supplying retailers worldwide. gif maker 3 min

“A great design has to do more than just look Good”

The world is already complex enough, so we keep things simple at MOEBE. We strive to reduce our design to its most simple forms. That is why we focus on the essentials while we stay curious about what’s around us. At MOEBE, we keep our thoughts analogue, we design, and we produce – that’s how simple it is. 

This mentality honors the Scandinavian design traditions, which we are so proud of, and pushes on toward new discoveries.

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“Good design is made to last, be repaired, and recycled”

The core of our design and products was always Sustainability.  If any part of the model breaks or needs replacement, there is no need to repurchase the model as a whole. We offer spare parts for all of our designs, so only the piece that is broken needs to be replaced.

Simplicity is another principle of ours. It shows not only in our design but also in the functionality of the products – it is a feeling we want to provide with our products. No screws or tools are needed to assemble most of the design items. A hammer and imagination are more than enough to build your dream home. 

There are no limitations when it comes to combinations and sizes. For example, you can start with a single bed (90 cm) and extend it to a double bed (up to 180 cm) or from one shelf to a whole wall unit. gif maker 2 min 1
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How did you manage B2B orders before using Turis?

A few years ago, we handled our B2B orders very differently than we do today. Honestly, it was not an efficient or scalable method. We had employees registering orders manually from emails. As you can imagine, communicating like this with international customers in various time zones was not an easy task. It sometimes took more than ten emails to finalize one order. It was no one’s fault, simply a nonfunctional system that needed to be changed. gif maker 1 min 1

“We were keen on finding a profound tool.“

After meeting the founder of Turis – Casper – who introduced us to the concept of their plug & play solution, we were relieved. A Danish startup that can provide a service meeting all our needs, what else could we ask for? Furthermore, the Turis software is also all about simplifying manual tasks and making users’ lives easier – just like MOEBE!

What has changed since you started using Turis?

Since we started using Turis, our sales team can focus on larger, more complex deals. At the same time, all the smaller and medium-sized retailers can order by themselves through our B2B webshop.

We have also noticed that our B2B customers are buying more. As our customers see our products displayed in an aesthetic online shopfront resembling MOEBE’s style, the shopping experience becomes interactive, just like it is for B2C.

It is a closed system, meaning only existing customers can access the shop using their login details. The conversion rate of our newsletter increased as well after we started to include a direct link to the B2B webshop run by Turis. gif maker 1 min gif maker 9

The cherry on top is outstanding customer support.

The team is always ready to help, fast responding, and open to feedback. We can request updates, and usually, they are available within a few months. Without any coding, we have all sorts of features available. A good example is if any item is out of stock, we can display a “backorder” label. We can also disclose when it will be available again, and customers can still put it in their baskets. We are a highly data-oriented company, so we are happy to follow customer interactions and product performances.

Furthermore, we are also looking forward to the soon-coming dropshipping feature. It will be a game-changer for our B2B customers, for sure.

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“We are satisfied, so a long-term collaboration is expected”

In general, we found the Turis platform straightforward, convenient, and intuitive. Of course, as a user, you need to learn your way around, but once you do, it is like a kid’s game. It is really a plug & play tool with an ERP system.

Why should other brands go with Turis?

We would recommend Turis to any other brand with B2B customers. For smaller businesses that want to be more professional and efficient, like us, it is a great tool. Another great thing about Turis is that there are no hidden prices. You pay, and it runs. All the features are available for one fee. gif maker 10