ORTLIEB and Turis

Delivering B2B eCommerce efficiency for +30 global distribution partners through a streamlined digital experience

As ORTLIEB expanded, the necessity to modernize its B2B operations became a necessity. The transition to Turis platform marked a significant milestone, enhancing their B2B processes and enabling efficient, scalable operations.

The Problem

Before switching to Turis, ORTLIEB struggled with inefficiencies in wholesale management using a Magento 2 platform designed for end consumers rather than businesses. This setup required heavy dependency on additional plugins and modules to accommodate B2B needs. However, each Magento update caused conflicts among these add-ons, resulting in costly and complex maintenance issues.

Every time new functionalities were added to their B2B eCommerce shop complexity increased, leading to delays and a greater reliance on technical support to maintain system stability.

The Solution

Turis streamlined Otrlieb’s wholesale management, equipping them with a user-friendly B2B platform for order management and seamless integrations. Within a couple of weeks nearly all functionalities from the previous system were implemented in Turis platform.

The setup for automatic synchronization of customer data between our ERP and Turis, along with the exchange of order data, was straightforward and efficient.

The Results

Since adopting Turis, ORTLIEB has experienced enhancements in both maintaining and developing the shop. Additionally, the user experience for their dealers has greatly improved. Thanks to Turis’s intuitive design, dealers can now place orders much more quickly and conveniently, streamlining their shopping experience significantly.


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Ortlieb Sportartikel GmbH, founded by Hartmut Ortlieb in Nuremberg, Germany, started on its journey to reshape outdoor gear by addressing a gap in the market: the need for truly waterproof equipment. Hartmut’s creativity led him to craft the company’s first bike panniers from truck tarps on his mother’s sewing machine, a solution born out of necessity during his excursions with friends.

The company’s relocation in 1997 to Heilsbronn marked a new chapter, facilitating growth and innovation. With a workforce of over 300 dedicated employees, ORTLIEB has expanded its portfolio to include more than 500 unique products, all underpinned by a commitment to quality and sustainability.

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ORTLIEB’s Mission

“We design and manufacture innovative waterproof products that enable our customers to better navigate their world, live out their dreams, and respect our planet every day.”

ORTLIEB’s Sustainable Journey

Since 1982, ORTLIEB has advocated for durable, eco-friendly products, integrating sustainability into their DNA well before it became trendy. They stand out for producing long-lasting gear, focusing on repairability, evident in their significant annual repairs. This approach advocates for waste reduction.

ORTLIEB’s commitment extends beyond products to their operations, aiming for complete energy self-sufficiency at their Heilsbronn base and striving for transparency in their environmental impact. They prioritize local sourcing and eco-conscious packaging, demonstrating a holistic approach to sustainability.

Acknowledging the continuous path of improvement, ORTLIEB remains transparent about their sustainability journey, inviting feedback and dialogue. Their ethos reflects a deep commitment to environmental responsibility, showing that true sustainability is integral to producing quality, enduring products. ORTLIEB isn’t just creating gear; they’re setting industry benchmarks for sustainable practices, proving that ethical operations can coexist with successful business.

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The Secret to ORTLIEB’s Waterproof Excellence

At the heart of ORTLIEB’s “Made in Germany” reputation is their uncompromising approach to waterproof quality. Their secret? A meticulous selection of robust materials, cutting-edge bonding technologies, and reliable closure systems. Unlike standard sewn or glued products, ORTLIEB utilizes high-frequency welding, a technique that ensures their gear stands up to the toughest outdoor conditions.

The materials chosen for ORTLIEB products are tailored to their specific use, featuring high-grade polyester, nylon, and Cordura fabrics with single or double-sided coatings. These selections not only define the product’s aesthetic — with either a textile feel or the classic tarpaulin look — but also its waterproof integrity. ORTLIEB’s coatings are engineered to surpass the waterproofing performance of typical outdoor equipment materials.

When it comes to sealing out water, ORTLIEB sets the bar high. Their materials withstand the pressure of a 100,000 mm water column, a testament to their exceptional waterproof standards. The high-frequency welding process they employ is key to this achievement. By using high-frequency voltage, ORTLIEB creates vibrations that heat and bond the materials internally, resulting in welded seams as robust as the fabric itself.

ORTLIEB’s Journey: Challenges, Solutions, and Results

Challenges with the previous Platform

Before migrating to Turis, ORTLIEB faced several challenges in their B2B operations:

Platform Unsuitability: Initially used Magento 2, designed for end consumers, not businesses.

Heavy Dependence on Add-ons: Relied on numerous plugins and modules for B2B functionality.

Platform Update Conflicts: Regular platform updates caused conflicts with add-ons, leading to system instability.

Maintenance Problems: High maintenance costs and complexity due to conflicting add-ons.

Increased Complexity: Adding new functionalities complicated the system further, increasing reliance on technical support.

Delayed Updates: The complexity and instability delayed necessary updates, hindering business operations.

Solution with Turis B2B App

ORTLIEB partnered with Turis to revamp their B2B operations.

Key implementations included:

  • Efficient Transition: Turis provided a user-friendly B2B platform, transitioning nearly all functionalities from the previous system within a few weeks, significantly faster than the year-long transitions typical with other platforms.
  • Seamless Integrations: Setup for automatic synchronization of customer data with our ERP and efficient order data exchange was straightforward from the start.
  • Custom Adaptation: Turis met and adapted to ORTLIEB’s specific needs, efficiently handling everything from standard B2B order flows and pre-orders to integrating essential data such as orders and retailer CRM synchronization.

Key Results after the Implemantion

The collaboration with Turis led to outstanding improvements:

  • Automated Data Exchange: Implementation of automatic customer data flow-in and order flow.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Improved service quality, leading to greater customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Dealer Experience: Turis’s intuitive design has significantly streamlined the ordering process, enabling dealers to place orders quickly and conveniently, enhancing their overall shopping experience.
  • Market Adaptability: Increased capacity to swiftly adapt to new market needs and demands, keeping Ortlieb’s service responsive and proactive.