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Two decades ago, a determined mother embarked on a mission to find the perfect baby carrier. Disappointed by the options available, she set out to create something that would blend comfort, balance, and the wisdom of traditional practices into a single, game-changing product. Her journey wasn’t just about finding a solution – it was about making life easier for parents everywhere. And so, armed with determination and a passion for innovation, she set out to redefine the world of babywearing.


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Who is Ergobaby?

Ergobaby was founded by Karin Frost, a visionary mother living on Maui, two decades ago. Dissatisfied with the baby carrying options available to her, Karin embarked on a mission to create something revolutionary. Drawing inspiration from indigenous babywearing practices and The Continuum Concept, Karin crafted the original Ergobaby Carrier. Today, Ergobaby is a global leader in babywearing, offering a wide range of carriers designed to support parents and babies alike. With a commitment to comfort, functionality, and innovation, Ergobaby continues to empower families worldwide on their journey through parenthood.

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Ergobaby’s Mission

“We are building global communities of confident parents with innovative, ergonomic baby products that enable and encourage bonding.”

Empowering parenthood

Ergobaby isn’t just a brand; it’s a celebration of every parenting milestone, big or small. With a focus on supporting and uplifting parents, Ergobaby provides tools that improve the journey of parenthood. From award-winning carriers to thoughtfully crafted essentials, Ergobaby is dedicated to making parenting easier and more enjoyable for families around the globe.

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Carriers tailored to every family’s needs

Ergobaby offers a diverse range of carriers to suit every family’s needs, earning its reputation as the top choice for babywearing worldwide. From the versatile All-in-One series, including the Omni Breeze, Omni Dream, and Aerloom, to the adaptable Ages & Stages series, featuring the Embrace, Aura Wrap, 360, and Hip Seat, Ergobaby provides parents with the freedom to enjoy life’s adventures while keeping their little ones close. With ergonomic designs focused on both baby and caregiver comfort, Ergobaby carriers are essential for every parent’s babywearing journey from birth to toddler years.

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Fostering deep bonds

Driven by a deep understanding of the needs of parents and babies, Ergobaby continues to inspire families worldwide. Each Ergobaby carrier is designed to promote bonding and connection, helping parents and babies thrive together. With Ergobaby, every moment becomes an opportunity to strengthen the parent-child bond and create lasting memories.