Bijoux Indiscrets and Turis

Boosting Growth in the Erotic B2B Space with Turis

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Bijoux Indiscrets, co-founded by Marta Aguiar and Elsa Viegas, is more than just an erotic brand focusing on women’s sexual wellbeing. It’s a company driven by a team eager to explore and expand the understanding of female sexuality. Their products are ethical and safe—cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free, ensuring everyone can use them with peace of mind. But Bijoux Indiscrets isn’t just selling products; they’re on a mission to educate and empower. They offer a wealth of easy-to-understand, accessible educational content to help people learn and grow. The team at Bijoux Indiscrets is passionate about making sexuality something to be explored and enjoyed freely, helping individuals to discover themselves without any fear or judgment.

Bijoux Indiscrets Numbers since Using Turis

Platform Customer Growth

Yearly Growth in Platform Revenue


Increase in Average Order Size

Products that educate and empower every person

Our products are made from various components, but at the core, they are cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and safe to use. Furthermore, we strive to integrate education into everything we do. We provide our consumers with free educational materials through our blog, website, and across our social media. Bijoux Indiscrets goes beyond product lines and sales and puts a critical focus on the empowerment of every person. Our brand mission is to deliver a platform and range of products that provide people with the means to fully explore themselves without fear of harm, judgment, or dissatisfaction. 

Overall, what we try to convey in every line is empowerment, pleasure, and fun in everything we create and do. 


My pleasure, my rules

Our customers are anyone seeking to explore themselves, this can range from an individual level to a larger scale. On a professional level, we work with sex educators, sex therapists, and sexologists, but we also work with life coaches and individuals incorporating sexual pleasure and energy into their practice. Ultimately, Bijoux Indiscrets is a recognized and respected brand within the sexual health industry.

Our core value is ❝My pleasure, my rules❞. We feel this summarizes the individual experiences that our customers have, and the perspective they gain from following our channels, educational guides, blogs, and beyond. We seek to support everyone’s sexual exploration and let them dictate what that looks like. webp to jpg 1 webp to jpg 2

Upgrading with Turis

Before switching to Turis, we had another very archaic platform that was far from intuitive. As a result, many customers sent us their orders directly by email with their own codes and names of our products, which made the order entry process very slow and cumbersome.

Others used Excel sheets that were not up to date and kept ordering discontinued or out-of-stock products. Controlling the correctness of these orders was very cumbersome and time-consuming.

We needed something easy to use – both for our customers when ordering and for us when uploading information and managing orders.

Swift transition and fantastic customer service

We started the transition from our old platform in March 2021, and went live and received our first order via Turis in September 2021. The customer service has been fantastic! Whenever we have had an incident or a request, they have resolved it quickly and effectively. We have felt very supported at all times.

We especially like the management of customer accounts. It’s very easy to register them in Turis. When they log in, they see the products instantly with information in their own language, currency, and price rates. It’s as if we have created a specialized platform for each customer. It’s wonderful!

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Simplifying wholesale complexity

Despite the ease of use, Turis can handle our complex wholesale processes. We have customers all over the world, which means that each customer has individual tax exceptions. And in Spain, we have several typologies depending on the type of customer and products, as some of them, such as food products and lubricants, are taxed differently.

Thanks to the Turis team, we have managed to ensure that each client and product has its correct tax rate, taking into account its characteristics. They have been very patient in understanding our tax needs. It is not easy, given all the exceptions.