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Are you a brand of consumer products selling to retailers? Then, Turis is packed with features to help you do that in probably a much easier and faster way.

How can your wholesale become a lot better and a lot simpler?

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Everyone has to start somewhere.

Most lifestyle brands start with a great product and a passion for that product. Some brands simply forget about the fact that their retailers deal with other brands’ products as well. This means that browsing collections and wholesale ordering need to be simplified and customised as much as possible.

Don’t worry – you have your great product, and we have a great solution on how to optimize the way you are selling it to the retailers.

Using lo-fi tools like Excel, PDFs and email to order products might seem simple. However, it takes a lot of effort for your customers to locate your product list (it can be stored in an inbox, bulletin board, local file, different computer, etc.).

Once they have the file opened, there are a lot of things for the user to take into consideration. What products did we order the last time? What are the prices? What is the currency? What are the ordering conditions? What sizes are available? The list goes on…

Think of it as, “Would you like to place orders the way your retailers have to when they are buying from you?”

With Turis, all these methods will be the past. Your customers don’t even need to sign up. They only need to access your wholesale storefront and add the products they want there. The platform will handle all the conditions involved and ensure a smooth and simplified order process that your retailers will love to repeat.

Yes! Starting out with the right setup is important, so you don’t waste time on unnecessary processes from the beginning. Furthermore, your platform will be fully operational, once things get busy, and you start serving multiple retailers and wholesale orders, you will be ready to face the new challenges.

Why not give the proper shopping experience, even as a young brand or a newbie in wholesale or B2B sales? The fact is that your retailers will love you for making things simple and easy for them, leading to better/larger orders.  It will also enable you to stay focused on the things that matter.

Unfortunately, No.

Turis is not a marketplace. We only help brands deliver superior wholesale ordering experiences to their existing and new retailers. We can definitely help you simplify the way you interact with retailers and optimize the way you are onboarding them.

The most common challenges for Lifestyle Brands

❗ Manual order handling

❗ Pricelist management (managing individualization)

❗ Few or no re-orders from newly signed retailers

Manual order handling

Who doesn’t like a freshly placed wholesale order delivered right to their inbox?

It is just hard to be as excited about manual processes as about time and cost savings.

“The customer is waiting, you know”. And the good old Excel sheets are not only slowing down the ordering itself, but it’s also demotivating for retailers to fill out all the order lines.

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No more price list (v1, v2, final …)

No brands should have to deal with price lists in this century. Yes, it’s easy to write up a wholesale price list and attach it to an email. But imagine yourself being on the receiving end of this email – Would you download that file and start ordering right away?

On the other hand, if products are easy to browse. If the order process is simple. If the payment terms and prices are automatically listed…

Well, that just creates a better foundation for a better customer experience. With Turis, you can offer exactly that. No more file-based ordering. Your customers can go browse your products and order as part of that process online.

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Keep those re-orders coming

You spend a lot of time getting new retailers, right?

It’s obvious you want those retailers to order again and again. But if you don’t make it simple for them to do that, how (and why) would they come back?

With Turis, your retailers will be able to order in the simplest way possible. They log in, see their available selection/prices (even individual, if needed), add-add-add, submit – done.

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We know it’s a lot of information…

But we got your back!

We believe that great platforms come with great support. That is why when you sign up for Turis you don’t just get a software product. You get a serviced product with actual people ready to help you, proactively as well as when you need advice or guidance.

We put an effort into answering every question in detail and in a way our customers understand.

Every time.