Cam Cam Copenhagen & Turis

Learn how Cam Cam Copenhagen benefited from swapping their old B2B ordering platform for a plug & play solution; Turis

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Who is Cam Cam Copenhagen?

Cam Cam Copenhagen is a Copenhagen-based company providing premium, sustainable interior design for little loved ones. Our belief is that babies and children only deserve the best, while the parents’ needs should be met as well. In one sentence, we are creating beautiful and sustainable products, for families’ special moments in life. gif maker 1 1 1

A story worth reading…

When a baby is on the way, it is natural that parents are getting more concerned about the items they will surround the new family member with. Some focus on practicality, some on design trends, and others on sustainability. But why couldn’t all these desires be pleased at the same time? 

That is exactly why Sara Camre started the company while she was still working as an architect back in 2012. I was on maternity leave and I wanted to decorate the perfect nursery for my daughter, and I couldn’t find any organic products in the right style. Back then, everything was 70s inspired, while I was looking for something more scandic contemporary. She didn’t need more than that to start designing her own product line. At first, I was unsure if I wanted to do this full-time and leave my architect career. 

In 2014 a big decision was made and Cam Cam Copenhagen become her full-time occupation. A year later, her husband, who is also an architect,  joined the company. I went from being alone in January 2015 to having 5 employees within a few months.

Today we have 25 employees at the office. The collection started with basic needs, such as bedding and muslin cloths. Now we have 157 different product types, including a lot of furniture, lamps, wallpaper and changing bags.

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Sustainability and comfort lead our design

The overall design focus is sustainability. This means sustainable, organic production, enduring design and material quality, which will be appreciated for generations to come. Our design philosophy and approach are to create a timeless, poetic design, combining tradition with contemporary design. 

Besides sustainability, the comfort and the well-being of the little ones are crucial aspects of our design as well. We believe that there is a need for calm and harmonious products for children and babies, as a gentle contrast to their modern-day life, which is full of distractions.

Therefore, our products support peaceful, restful, and contemplative moments for children and parents at the same time.

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Something for the generations to come

Our production is made 100 % of organic cotton, which means the cotton is grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides, all of which carry toxins that can harm the environment. 

When it comes to our furniture and paper production, we use FSC Certified wood for production, which ensures replanting trees and preserving biological diversity. 
Design-wise, we also strive to accommodate the fact that children outgrow products so fast and try to avoid the throw-away culture by offering products that are multifunctional and follow the child’s development by changing function alongside shifting needs. Thus, encouraging families to make sustainable choices by opting for products meant to last a lifetime through their timeless design, innovative functionality, and high-quality materials, allowing them to be passed on to a friend or become a family heirloom. Letting longevity lead the way to a sustainable lifestyle.

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Where can someone find your products?

Stylish parents of 0-6-year-olds, who are looking for interior decoration, can find our full range of products on our website. There are also retailers all over the world that carry a large assortment of our prints and items. 

We also have some good news for those who are looking for something extraordinary. This year (2022) marks the 10th anniversary of Cam Cam, so we made an exclusive 10th Anniversary Edition of our popular Changing Table in beautiful and sustainable oak, that we are very excited to launch in June. 

We are constantly expanding our collection, so we always have more beautiful prints, furniture, and toys which we really look forward to showing.

Did someone mention retailers?

As mentioned, there are retailers all over the world selling our products. We are always happy to receive their orders. However, it was not always easy to offer our products to them. 

We used to have a custom-made platform where our B2B customers could place orders. But it just didn’t meet all our needs. Furthermore, it was a big challenge to keep it up to date with the technological trends moving forward so fast. 

Therefore, we were eager to find a generic solution that would take the burden of expensive and time-consuming development and maintenance tasks off our shoulders. That is when we come across Turis and jumped on the opportunity.

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What has changed since you are collaborating with Turis?

We have a lot of big international customers. So we needed a platform that represents our business and products the way they deserve to be, and technology couldn’t be the barrier to that. 

Turis is a fresh and user-friendly tool. Even if our eCommerce is not developed in-house anymore, we are still in charge. We can add and remove things as we like, and there are regular product updates following our wishes as well.

We finally have a webshop that is appealing to the customer due to the nice design that we can customise. What is more, there are many features that our previous solution couldn’t support, but Turis does, such as order confirmations. 

All in all, with Turis we are mirroring our B2C eCommerce site to B2B. Ordering should be as easy in B2B, as it is in B2C. And with using Turis it is.

How does Turis impact your day-to-day business?

Customisations are now available for us without any coding or technical knowledge. Just to mention two of our favourite features, bulk product uploading and SEPA payments method. Furthermore, it is very nice that customers can easily find the new goods in the seasonal collection, and under the product category as well. It is super easy to navigate, especially with the search options. 

There are of course always things we would like to add. We also receive requests from our customers, and we keep a close eye on our competition. So it is a never-ending list of updates, that the Turis team is always taking care of.

The next bigger updates that we are looking forward to are dropshipping and virtual showrooms that Turis already confirmed to support in the future.

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Why should other brands go with Turis?

Overall, we have been satisfied with the product and the service Turis provides. We believe that others should start using Turis because it is a cost-efficient, and easy to use solution, and it comes with outstanding customer support.