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Petgood, which is at the forefront of sustainable pet nutrition with its innovative insect-based pet food, has redefined the pet care industry. This case study highlights how Petgood transformed its B2B operations, embracing Turis’ digital solutions to streamline their processes and enhance customer engagement.

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Who is Petgood?

When Pernilla, CEO and founder of Petgood, brought her Labrador, Siri, into her life, she faced a challenge familiar to many pet owners: finding high-quality pet food with clear, transparent information about its ingredients and their origins. This struggle sparked a realization and a mission – the pet food industry needed a transformation, and Petgood was born from this vision.

Petgood stands at the forefront of an innovative solution: insect protein. Recognizing its sustainability and nutritional benefits, Petgood ventured into creating pet food that not only promises quality but also cares for the planet.

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“At Petgood, we’re redefining pet food, one innovative ingredient at a time.”

Innovative and Sustainable: The Black Soldier Fly Larvae in Petgood’s Pet Food

At the heart of Petgood’s revolutionary approach to pet nutrition is the use of black soldier fly larvae, a protein source chosen for its superior quality and exceptional sustainability profile. The foundation of their product development is solidly rooted in extensive research into the nutritional and health benefits of insects as a viable protein source.

Recent studies confirm that the protein derived from black soldier fly larvae is not only highly digestible but also abundant in the essential amino acids crucial for our pets’ health. This aligns perfectly with Petgood’s commitment to quality and sustainability, ensuring that their products not only nourish pets but also contribute positively to environmental conservation.

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Reducing the Environmental Impact of Pet Diets

The environmental impact of pets is surprisingly significant, with pets accounting for 25% of the global meat consumption and contributing about 3% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally. This statistic underscores the need for more sustainable practices in pet nutrition.

Significant Emissions Reduction with Insect-Based Pet Food

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) conducted by CarbonCloud highlights the environmental advantages of Petgood’s insect-based pet food. Compared to traditional pet food, Petgood’s products have a carbon footprint up to five times lower.

This shift to more sustainable ingredients results in Petgood saving over a thousand tonnes of CO2e emissions each year, positioning them as a leader in reducing the ecological footprint of pet diets.

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Petgood’ Journey: Challenges, Solutions, and Results


Petgood initially faced several challenges in their B2B operations:

  • Manual Order Processing: Petgood managed all B2B orders manually, a process that proved to be highly time-consuming and inefficient.
  • Limited Self-Service for Retailers: There was a lack of a system where retailers could independently manage their orders and have a clear overview of the product assortment.
  • Need for Streamlined Operations: Petgood wanted to improve operational efficiency in order handling, from sending offers to creating orders and invoices.
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Solution with Turis

The implementation of Turis brought significant improvements:

  • Automated Order Handling: The entire order process, from quotes to delivery tracking, was automated, leading to increased efficiency and better customer experience.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Tracking: Turis provided Petgood with a clearer overview of customer order behavior, delivery tracking, and sales data analysis.
  • Operational Efficiencies: The automation of various operational levels, including inventory management and invoicing, saved time and enhanced the shopping experience for customers.
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Key Results

The collaboration with Turis led to outstanding improvements:

  • Streamlined and Automated Order Management: Petgood achieved significant simplification and automation in their order handling process. This includes the entire workflow of sending offers, creating orders, and generating invoices, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Customer and Order Insights: With Turis, Petgood gained a more transparent overview of their customers’ order behaviors. The ability to track deliveries and analyze sales data more effectively allowed for better-informed business decisions and improved customer service.

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