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A Canned Seafood Company: Transforming B2B Operations through Innovation & Automation

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Grøndals, a provider of delicious and sustainable canned seafood, has made its mark in the Danish market by adhering to a simple yet profound motto: “Good taste and good conscience.” This case study explores Grøndals’ journey in transforming its B2B operations through innovative digital solutions provided by Turis.

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Who is Grøndals?

Grøndals, founded by Martin Grøndal, is a testament to a cherished family tradition and a commitment to sustainable, high-quality canned seafood. Originating from a practice of bringing home exotic canned fish from travels, a tradition Martin shared with his grandfather, Grøndals was born from a deep passion for exceptional and responsibly sourced seafood.

The company’s journey began when Martin, inspired by the distinct taste of tuna bought from the Azores, decided to turn this passion into a business.

With a focus on sustainability and taste, Grøndals quickly gained traction, growing from a personal project into a significant operation, now boasting a warehouse with over 60 pallets, around 50 different varieties of canned fish, and approximately 450,000 cans sold.

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“Our main purpose is to serve and offer canned goods that first and foremost taste good but can also be eaten with a good conscience.”

A Harmonious Blend of Tradition, Sustainability, and Culinary Excellence

Upholding its motto “good taste and good conscience,” Grøndals stands as a brand dedicated to redefining the quality of canned goods. With a mission to elevate the standard and perception of canned food, Grøndals aims to transform food culture, moving away from the notion that canned goods equate to discounted quality. Their commitment extends beyond taste to ethical practices, ensuring responsibility in every link of the production chain, from sustainable fishing to fair labor practices in producing their high-quality canned fish.

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Innovative Product Range and Enhanced B2B Services

Grøndals has carved a unique niche in the market by specializing in a wide array of canned goods, all sourced from the sea. Their diverse product range includes everything from mussels and squid to tuna and sardines, and intriguingly, they’ve recently added olives filled with leftover juice, adding a creative twist to their offerings. This innovative approach extends to their sales strategy, where dedicated salespeople actively engage with stores.

Grøndals also embraces the digital world with a consumer webshop and a specialized online platform for business customers through Turis. The implementation of a B2B webshop via Turis has been a game-changer, offering dealers and partners 24/7 access to inventory, new product information, and streamlined order placement directly to the warehouse, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency and customer service.

Grøndals’ Journey: Challenges, Solutions, and Results


Initially, Grøndals faced several challenges in their B2B operations:

  • Labor-intensive manual order processing.
  • Limited visibility for retailers on product availability.
  • Inefficiencies in managing a growing network of retailers.
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Solution with Turis

Grøndals partnered with Turis to revamp their B2B operations.

Key implementations included:

  • Streamlining order processing with an efficient, digital solution.
  • Providing real-time product visibility for better customer engagement.
  • Facilitating ease of business for both Grøndals and its retail partners.
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Key Results

The collaboration with Turis led to remarkable improvements:

  • Significant reduction in order processing time and error rates.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction due to improved product accessibility and ordering ease.
  • Expansion in client base, bolstered by the professional and user-friendly interface of the Turis platform.
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Grøndals in the future

Grøndals stands as a prime example of how traditional businesses can thrive in the digital era, continuing to leverage Turis for growth and operational excellence. The company remains dedicated to its mission of offering top-quality, sustainable canned seafood, while consistently exploring innovative ways to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency.

This journey with Turis underscores the significance of innovation in optimizing B2B operations. Grøndals’ story demonstrates that steadfast commitment to core values such as quality and sustainability can be effectively harmonized with modern technological solutions, setting a benchmark for others in the industry.

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