Why choose Turis?

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While it seems simple enough to create a price list and an order sheet in Excel then just send it to your customers, it, unfortunately, doesn’t align with the retailer expectations of today.

With Turis, we want to bring digital experiences and automation features to the toolbox of any brand, small or large. Including yours!

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Let’s face it – your retailers are not exactly excited about those order sheets. Regardless of them being spreadsheets, PDFs, napkins, printed documents, catalogues…

– “Hey Mary, do we still have a fax machine?”

These methods don’t contribute to a good ordering experience, nor do they represent the available sales tools of 2024.

Retail buyers are after all still private consumers, and thereby make decisions based on the interactions they have also in the business-to-business contexts. Turis can help you provide them with the digital experiences meeting customer expectations, dedicated to your wholesale business.

📤 Invite your retailers to browse your products and place orders in our purpose-made wholesale storefront. Simple, intuitive and available whenever needed.

🖥 Present your products the way they deserve and in a way that triggers sales.

🛠 Reduce errors in your order handling significantly

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If you’re anything like other brands today, you probably work with some level of individualization (be it pricing, product selection, terms, etc…) – and with good reason! Because retailers commit to different levels of engagement and should be treated individually. Managing this on a sales rep level, or on a note somewhere, becomes challenging and is not really scalable either.

Turis enables you to manage your retailers on all the levels you need while keeping it centralized in a single platform that connects to all your other related data sources (such as products) so the pricing and availability are always on point.

🎨. Manage individualization for products, prices, settings, terms, shipping and more!

🔐 Provide all buyers with their own login (no more shared passwords) and make sure that everyone has the access they need.

📊 Keep a nice and simple overview of your active and not-so-active retailers (to get them activated again, of course!).

Advanced retailer management

Have you done any manual order handling recently? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! With Turis, however, we want to bring the efficiency and convenience of integrations and automation to everyone. No coding requirements, just plain and simple integrations that can be activated with a few clicks.

We’ve partnered with the major integration platforms to offer Turis users connections with more than 4,000 applications. That’s your QuickBooks, Xero, Google Sheets, HubSpot, Shopify, WooCommerce, Intercom, Slack and more! Check the list to see if we have a connection for the apps you use.

📤 Automatically transfer orders, customers, products to the other platforms you use.

🚀 Save time on manual work and serve your customers faster with automation.

🦾 Let the “robots” do all the work and reduce errors significantly.

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Your identity and branding are what makes you unique. Being able to enforce this in the ways you interact with your customers is crucial. Using a spreadsheet as the main order channel for wholesale orders is probably not the best way to brand your products or the experience you could offer.

If you’ve spent significant effort and time creating the perfect brand website for B2C purposes, why should you serve your wholesale customers with an off-brand experience based on a spreadsheet (or a PDF, at best)?

Turis allows you to implement most of your brand elements in our white-label eCommerce solution purposely made for B2B/wholesale to ensure brand consistency. Everything from the Login page to the Add To Cart button, to custom fonts – it’s all up to you!

🏡 Make your customers feel at home – also in a B2B/Wholesale context.

🎮 Easy customization – no coding required.

🏆 Provide your retailers an experience they want to come back to.

We believe that great platforms come with great support. That is why when you sign up for Turis you don’t just get a software product. You get a serviced product with actual people ready to help you.

We put an effort into answering every question in detail and in a way our customers understand.