Request to become a retailer: The what, why, and how

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Are you selling your products wholesale to retailers? If your answer is yes, wouldn’t you like a tool that lets potential customers, themselves, request to become a retailer?

Then you ought to read this blog post on retailer request forms. A simple but effective tool to streamline the process of getting new retailers.

Are you a completely new brand looking to get your very first retailers? Then you should read this post on How to get your product in stores.

What is a ‘request to become a retailer’ form?

A ‘request to become a retailer’ form is a great tool designed to simplify the process of getting retailer requests.

If you are an established brand, you have probably had new retailers contact you, asking if they can sell your product in their store. These prospects have perhaps seen you on Instagram, fallen in love with your products, and now want to add them to their shop.

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Typically, such a request would be sent to you via email. A request to become a retailer form is an alternative to such an email.

It is a formula that the potential retailer can fill out with their company information, contact information, why they want to sell your products, etc. Once all the fields in the form have been filled, the retailer can submit it, and you will receive a notification.

An essential feature of a request form is that you as the brand can customize it. You should be able to add and remove the input fields as you like. It is also great if the form allows you to customize the visuals to match your brand appearance.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of getting a new retailer request are pretty obvious. It’s a potential new customer and potentially more sales. What’s not to like!

Looking specifically at the digital retailer request forms, they also have some additional benefits compared to traditional emails. We’ve listed a couple of these benefits below.

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Easier to use

First of all, using a digital request form is much simpler to use – both for you and your new retailers. Why? Because you can ask exactly the questions you need to get answered to determine if a retailer is a fit for your products. There’s no back-and-forth communication needed in order to get answers to your questions.

Also, when you accept a request received via a form, you will be able to add your new retailer directly to your wholesale platform. You won’t have to put to type in the customer information based on info from the email. Instead, you merely press the “accept” button, and all the customer info gets extracted from the submitted retailer request.

Getting more retailers

Making it easy for potential customers to send these requests also makes them more likely to actually send a request. In the end, this means more new retailers and more sales.

Professional appearance

For most brands, it’s important to appear professional. Of course, using a request formula as opposed to using emails is not the only (or most effective) way to appear professional. But it all helps.

How do you create your own ‘Request to become a retailer’ form?

If you are using Turis to manage your wholesale business, creating your own retailer request form is super simple.

You only have to add a new form, select the title and description, add the relevant input fields, and customize the design to your liking.

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It’s all drag-and-drop and very intuitive to use. No code is required. Then, all you need to do is to save the form and link to it from your website. This is how you can gain full control over who has access to your online B2B retail store.

These kinds of details can make a real difference in your B2B sales.

And just like that, your application form is ready. Now you only have to wait for all the new retailers to request to sell your products.

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