Invest in B2B eCommerce, and don’t forget your retailers!

Do you own a brand selling B2B and wholesale to retailers?

Are you actively looking for new B2B and wholesale customers and growing your retailer base by the month? Great! Seeing that number increase should make you very happy.

But growing that number isn’t enough. Having a high number of retailers requires brands to structure processes and keep track of products, prices, stock levels, and, most importantly, their retailers.

In this blog post, we are going to show you how B2B eCommerce can help you keep tabs on your retailers as your business grows, so you can reach all your B2B sales targets.

But first, let’s look at the reasons why and how brands forget about their retailers.

Why are brands sometimes forgetting retailers?

Our claim that you are at risk of forgetting your retailers might sound ridiculous to you. Why would you ever do that?

Well, the truth is that as a business grows, keeping track of every single customer becomes a humongous task. Especially if you are handling your B2B sales manually.

Sure, you might have all of your retailers on a list somewhere. But is that the same as keeping track of them? Will this keep you from forgetting about some of them as you grow your brand?

We argue that it won’t.

To truly keep track of your retailers, you need to know more about them than just their names and address. You need to know:

  • How many times they have ordered
  • Their average order size
  • How long it’s been since their last order
  • What products and quantities do they order

When you have access to this level of information, the risk of forgetting a retailer is greatly diminished.

What are the risks of forgetting your retailers?

When we talk about forgetting retailers, in reality, what we mean, is not giving retailers the attention they deserve.

Most brands have a tendency to focus on the few retailers that are performing significantly well. This often results in the rest, and the most, of the retailers, feeling left out, leading them to stop ordering with the brand.

All the time you spent on getting the retailer initially is wasted. The same is the growth potential.

In the end, losing retailers – irrespective of their size – is simply wasted potential. It will cost you revenue both in the short and long run. Furthermore, you will need to allocate additional resources to either get a new retailer or re-activate the retailer you forgot about

Benefits of keeping track

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The main benefit of keeping track of your retailers is that you are less likely to forget about them.

But there is more to it than that. In addition to not forgetting your retailers, keeping track and giving all retailers the attention they demand will increase how much and how often they purchase your products.

The reason for this increase is quite simple; You are now able to deliver great customer service to your retailers. And we all know that great customer service can boost sales. Also, you now have the info you need to activate the customers that needs activating. It might be that they haven’t ordered in a while, and you need to reach out to them to ensure that they have not forgotten about your brand.

Structure your retailers with B2B eCommerce

So how do you keep track of all the information required to keep your retailers’ content?

First of all, you need to structure your retailers. A great tool to do this is a B2B eCommerce platform.

A B2B eCommerce platform is basically a webshop for your wholesale and B2B customers. It allows them to order online in a jiff. No more having to order via outdated Excel spreadsheets.

If you want a more in-depth introduction to B2B eCommerce, we recommend reading this blog post.

But using a digital platform for your wholesale business not only makes it simple and easy for retailers to place orders. It also makes it simple and easy for you to get the necessary overview of your retailers and their order data.

Using a B2B eCommerce platform, you will be able to keep a record of all orders for each individual retailer. And you will be able to find exactly the retailer and/or order that you are looking for in seconds of searching.

Furthermore, some B2B eCommerce software will show you the specific date and timeslots that a retailer has logged into your B2B webshop.

Invest in B2B eCommerce and keep your retailers happy

Keep track of your retailers and keep them happy; Start selling smart with a digital platform for your wholesale. Send them branded invitations and control who has access to your B2B products.

Turis allows you to quickly get started. Simply upload a file with your products and retailers, or integrate it with your accounting system.

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