Get the B2B orders you didn’t know about

2023 is coming to an end, and you are probably doing everything in your power to squeeze out those last sales to ensure the best possible result for the year

There is nothing like a fiscal year-end to make you realize that every sale counts!

Turis recently released a feature that can help you do just that. We named it Lost Sales.

The Lost Sales feature is an impactful tool that provides brands with valuable insights into potential missed sales opportunities for their resellers and other wholesale customers.

It offers an overview and timely notifications whenever a customer abandons their Turis shopping cart without completing an order. Specifically, you will get info on:

  • Who (Company and Buyer) started the order
  • When they started the order
  • What products they added and how many
  • The value of the order
Lost sales 1

By leveraging the Lost Sales future, you can initiate personalized dialogues with your customers who exhibited interest but didn’t finalize their purchase. This outreach presents an opportunity to offer assistance, clarify doubts, or provide additional information, thereby increasing the likelihood of them completing their order.

While you can pick up the phone or email your customer directly, Turis’ Lost Sales feature also offers the ability to send customized emails directly from the abandoned carts overview, nudging your customer to finish their B2B purchase. To do so, simply click the ‘Contact buyer’ button on the respective order.

Lost sales 2

Along with the many other features embedded in the Turis B2B eCommerce solution, the Lost Sles feature serves as a practical tool to engage with customers and foster stronger relationships with your stockists, resellers, retailers, and other B2B customers.