What is digital wholesale and B2B eCommerce? [2021 guide]

Last Updated on January 25, 2021 by Dan Christoffersen

Digital wholesale. What is that? Is it wholesale of software products?

No. Not exactly.

Digital wholesale is all about optimizing your sales processes and bringing them into the digital era

What is wholesale?

Wholesale is basically the activity of buying and selling goods in larger quantities. This typically means that the price per unit is cheaper. Wholesale comes in many different forms – here are two examples: 

  • A supplier of raw iron selling 5 tons of iron to a manufacturing company.  
  • A company producing dresses selling 200 dresses to a retailer.

Most wholesale today is done on emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls. If your company does any kind of wholesale, we’re sure that this sounds familiar.

Wholesale often occurs between businesses – B2B wholesale. It would be quite strange if your neighbor were to buy 200 dresses! 

If you want to read more about wholesales you can read our definitive guide to wholesale here.

Digital wholesale = B2B eCommerce


So how does your company go from emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls to digital wholesale? The answer is B2B eCommerce. More specifically a B2B eCommerce platform or wholesale selling platform.

A B2B eCommerce platform enables you to present and sell your products wholesale B2B to your retailers in an online environment. B2B eCommerce offers an experience quite similar to the one you know from buying products for yourself online.

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The Turis B2B eCommerce platform

We developed Turis because we want to help companies that have wholesale in their business model. 

With Turis it’s super simple to create a B2B wholesale eCommerce store for each and every one of your B2B wholesale customers. This includes: 

  • Uploading all your products
  • Creating users for all the buyers (with their individual pricing and product selection)
  • Selling in all the currencies you need
  • And perhaps even integrating an accounting system or ERP. 

Digitizing your wholesale often results in huge benefits for the company:

(If you want to learn more about the many benefits of digital wholesale and B2B eCommerce platforms you can click here).

Turis is all about making it simple for you to start doing digital wholesale. And by that, we mean being able to start selling products in a smart, modern and digital way today. 

Even if you have hundreds of products and hundreds of buyers, you can get started with your own Wholesale B2B eCommerce platform within a couple of hours.

Think this is surely expensive? Think again! Turis is the most affordable B2B eCommerce platform for digital wholesale. We even offer a free version. Interested? You can get started in just 2 minutes by signing up to our FREE wholesale B2B eCommerce platform:

You are also more than welcome to book an online demo. That way we can show you in details, how digital wholesale will benefit your company:

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