What B2B Platforms Actually Cost

B2B platform cost

Navigating the labyrinthine world of B2B eCommerce platforms can be daunting, especially when the stakes involve the future of your business. One of the most crucial yet elusive aspects of this journey is understanding what these platforms actually cost and the return on investment (ROI) they offer.

This guide is designed to demystify that crucial question, breaking down the costs associated with different types of B2B eCommerce solutions: from wholesale eCommerce platforms like Turis to custom solutions, B2B plugins, and even the rudimentary spreadsheet method. Our goal is to offer you a transparent, unbiased view of each solution’s cost and capabilities, so you can make an informed decision tailored to your business needs.

With the acceleration of digital transformation, having a reliable B2B portal is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity for any forward-thinking business. We’ve included a detailed comparison table sorted based on the cost of each solution, with Turis as the first option due to its unparalleled features and scalability.

Whether you’re a well-established brand or a budding business, this guide aims to be your roadmap through the complex landscape of B2B eCommerce platforms, wholesale eCommerce platforms, and B2B portals. Read on to uncover insights that could be the key to your business’s future success.

Turis Wholesale eCommerce Platform

When it comes to B2B platforms, Turis is a leading choice as a wholesale eCommerce platform. Designed specifically for businesses, primarily consumer brands, Turis is an all-inclusive no-code solution that you can easily launch. Unlike other platforms, Turis provides a full range of tools to create a customized B2B portal that meets your unique business requirements. The pricing model is also business-friendly, starting at just €99 per month with a variable fee depending on your monthly transactions.

What really sets Turis apart is its feature-rich platform, capable of handling multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-buyer access needs. It even offers a built-in B2B storefront that you can tailor to your brand’s visual identity, adding color codes, logos, fonts, shapes, and sizes. Turis’ B2B eCommerce platform focuses on boosting your business growth by providing a high level of personalization and features that are usually missing from other solutions. Plus, it comes with next-level support that can make all the difference in your B2B journey. In essence, Turis provides a blend of affordability and capability, emphasizing both cost-effectiveness and potential for business growth, thus offering a positive ROI.

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions (such as Magento) involve developing a B2B portal or a B2B platform tailored to your specific business needs. These can be incredibly flexible and scalable, offering almost any feature you can imagine. However, they come with a hefty price tag, starting from $60,000 and going up to $150,000 (or even more) for just the initial development. But that’s not all; businesses need to consider ongoing maintenance costs, which could easily add 10 more hours each month billed at an average rate of $150 per hour.

These custom B2B eCommerce platforms aren’t just costly; they also require a considerable amount of time to develop. Expect to spend several months or even years before your custom solution is operational. Plus, it’s crucial to remember that software development is never a one-and-done scenario. There will always be a need for updates, security patches, and new features, which will further inflate costs. Although custom solutions can provide exactly what you want, the time and financial investments are considerable. It’s essential to evaluate whether your business has the expertise and resources to manage such a project.

b2b diverse storefront

Spreadsheets (wholesale and B2B order forms)

Spreadsheets (whether that is Google Sheets or Excel) are often used as a quick and dirty B2B portal or rather a B2B platform by businesses resistant to technological change. Though not a true B2B eCommerce platform, they act as a makeshift solution for many businesses. Setting up such a system usually involves at least 100 hours of manual work initially. Following that, expect to spend around 10 hours per month for maintenance, as your product range and customer base grow.

The significant drawbacks of using spreadsheets are numerous: they’re prone to errors, offer zero analytics, and provide an overall terrible user experience. While they might seem like a budget-friendly choice initially, they are more likely to hinder business growth than foster it. The absence of analytics means you miss out on valuable insights, which can make a significant difference in understanding your wholesale business. Overall, spreadsheets are an option for those who are reluctant to invest in technology but, in the long term, they have little to offer.

B2B Plugins

b2b plugin

B2B Plugins are essentially software add-ons designed to extend the functionality of existing B2C eCommerce platforms. While they’re usually quick to implement and offer a budget-friendly initial cost (starting at $0), they have several drawbacks. Because they are generally add-ons to B2C eCommerce platforms, they often lack essential B2B features like multi-user logins, customizable price lists, and complex tax handling mechanisms.

Furthermore, the user experience is not up to par with dedicated wholesale eCommerce platforms. Most B2B buyers have specific needs and requirements that simply can’t be met by these plugins. Moreover, plugins might be incompatible with future updates to the core software, requiring ongoing adjustments and adaptations. Thus, while they may be cost-effective and quick to launch, they lack the sophistication and the feature set necessary for a sustainable wholesale eCommerce platform in the long run.

Comparison Table: What B2B Platforms Actually Cost

Parameters Turis Custom Solutions B2B Plugins Spreadsheets
Initial Cost $99 $60,000 – $150,000 $0 – Variable 100 hours ($5000+)
Monthly Cost $99 + Variable At least 10 hours/month $0 – Variable At least 10 hours/month
ROI High Variable Low Low
Maintenance Level Low High Medium High
Total Solution Score 8 5 4 3

Note: The “Total Solution Score” is highlighted and represents a combined score for each tool based on all the parameters listed. In this case, Turis Wholesale eCommerce Platform leads with a score of 87, offering the best all-around solution for B2B eCommerce.

In summary, navigating the complex landscape of B2B eCommerce platforms requires careful consideration of various factors, including initial costs, ongoing expenses, maintenance levels, and potential ROI. Each type of solution—whether it’s a full-fledged, dedicated platform like Turis, a custom-built solution, a plugin, or a simple spreadsheet system—brings its own set of advantages and limitations. While Turis offers a robust and specialized platform with low maintenance, custom solutions may provide tailored features but at a significant cost and higher maintenance. On the other hand, plugins and spreadsheets may seem cost-effective initially but may lack the features and potential for ROI that a dedicated solution can offer.

It’s essential to weigh these factors against your business goals and customer needs to choose the right platform. With the comparison table as your guide, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your objectives and optimizes your B2B eCommerce capabilities. Make sure to also consider the long-term impact, including maintenance and scaling needs, as these can significantly affect your ROI. In the end, your choice of a B2B eCommerce platform could be the defining factor in your wholesale business’s success or failure.

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