B2B eCommerce solutions: 3 unconventional criteria to consider

Unsure what you need to look for when deciding between different B2B eCommerce solutions? We’re here to help with this brief guide on some untraditional measures that can help you decide between vendors of B2B eCommerce software.

There are several criteria to consider when browsing B2B eCommerce solutions. In this blog post, we are zooming in on three a bit more unusual measures of B2B eCommerce value; Customer service, data insights, and the option of free trials/versions.

But before going into the details, we should explain why you should take your B2B sales online to begin with.

B2B eCommerce is growing – and will continue to do so

B2B eCommerce is in high demand and growing every day. Getting accustomed to the convenience of online shopping as consumers, professional buyers today, are demanding the same convenience from their B2B suppliers. This alone should be reason enough for any B2B and wholesale supplier to take their ordering process online. But there are plenty of other good reasons as well:

All in all, B2B brands taking their sales online are enjoying better order management, fewer order errors, satisfied customer, and increased sales.

So, having established all of these brilliant reasons for taking your B2B sales online, the next question is, how do you find the right B2B eCommerce software for your company?

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What (also) to look for in B2B eCommerce solutions

There are several things you can use to benchmark various B2B eCommerce solutions; General functionality, ease-of-use, visuals, pricing, B2B-specific features, etc. All great measurements to help find the perfect match for your business.

In this blog post, however, we are going to look at 3, often unconsidered, measures to consider. Not because we consider these better metrics, but simply because they are different from the traditional ones used to benchmark B2B eCommerce solutions against each other.

Great customer service

Good customer service is important regardless of what you buy. But when you are buying a product or service that is going to have a direct effect on your revenue, a great customer is critical.

Great customer service might be the difference between a successful implementation and a complete failure when it comes to software. And getting started with B2B eCommerce software specifically can be a bit tricky (doesn’t need to, however). Therefore, you should go with a B2B eCommerce vendor that is more than happy to help with any request and question, and who replies and help you within hours – or even minutes. If something is malfunctioning, you shouldn’t have to wait for days for a response. Such slow customer service could end up costing you your business.

Option for data insights

An often overlooked feature of B2B eCommerce solutions is their ability to give you insights into your customers, B2B sales, and overall performance. And while some B2B eCommerce software only includes the basic functionality for managing B2B sales, others incorporate interactive tools to give you those important business insights.

Utilizing this data from your B2B eCommerce software will help you improve service for your customers and help you know where you need to put some extra effort. In the end, using this B2B eCommerce data could boost your revenue 20-30%.

Free trials/versions

If you are still unsure of what vendor to choose, you should consider looking for those offering free trials. Or even better, those offering completely free B2B eCommerce solutions.

This way you can test out their product and service first, and avoid wasting money on a bad match. Sure, you might have wasted some time, but that’s probably better than wasting thousands of dollars.

Time to decide

Now that you’ve read this blog post, hopefully, you are one step closer to taking your B2B sales online. And hopefully, you are one step closer to knowing what B2B eCommerce solution you should go for.

As mentioned in the last section, finding Free B2B eCommerce is always a good bet. Getting started for free has never been easier. All you have to do is to sign up for your own free B2B eCommerce webshop via the link below.

If you’d rather have some more info first before signing up, you can book a free online demo below. Or have a look at our product description here.

Take care!…