The Untapped Goldmine in B2B eCommerce

B2B ecommerce growth

B2B eCommerce is brimming with untapped opportunities, often hidden in the form of potential orders that businesses don’t even realize exist. These are the orders that live in the minds of customers who navigate through outdated spreadsheets or order forms, only to engage when they’re ready to place an order. But what about those who are just browsing or window-shopping? This is where understanding and harnessing the power of lost sales becomes crucial.

The Phenomenon of Lost Sales in B2B

  • Understanding Lost Sales: In the B2B realm, lost sales refer to potential orders that never materialize. They are the products added to carts or considered by buyers but not purchased due to various reasons. These missed opportunities can represent a significant portion of potential revenue.
  • The Value of Each Potential Order: Unlike B2C transactions, where individual orders might be of lower value, each potential B2B order can be substantial. This amplifies the importance of identifying and converting these lost sales into actual orders.

Meeting B2B Buyer Expectations

  • The Role of B2B eCommerce Platforms: To capture and convert potential orders, it’s essential to meet and exceed B2B buyer expectations. This is achievable through a dynamic B2B eCommerce platform like Turis, constantly evolving with market demands.
  • Benefits of a SaaS Solution: By choosing a SaaS solution like Turis, businesses eliminate the complexities of developing and maintaining a software product. This approach allows them to focus on their core business while offering a superior online buying experience.

Engaging B2B Buyers in the Digital Space

  • Creating an Inviting Environment: With Turis, B2B buyers are welcomed into an engaging environment that encourages exploration and interaction with products. This engagement is critical in transforming curiosity into actual sales.
  • The Importance of Product Discovery: Allowing buyers to discover new products in an interactive digital setting can lead to the addition of these items to their carts, even if they are initially just exploring.

Capitalizing on B2B eCommerce Potential Orders

  • Dialogues with Customers: Potential B2B orders present an opportunity to initiate dialogues with customers, especially about products they might not be familiar with. These interactions can lead to increased understanding, trust, and eventually, sales.
  • Treating Potential Orders with Care: Given the significant value of potential B2B orders, they should be treated with more attention and care than typical B2C orders. Each potential order is a chance to deepen business relationships and increase sales.

Turis’ Lost Sales Feature

  • Uncovering Hidden Opportunities: Turis’ Lost Sales feature is designed to reveal the orders businesses didn’t know they had. It provides insights into interested buyers, the products they are considering, and the timing of their interest.
  • Proactive Action: With immediate notifications about these potential order opportunities, businesses can take swift action. Turis enables direct communication with buyers through the platform, facilitating personalized engagement based on the specifics of the potential order.

Leveraging Lost Sales for Business Growth

  • Strategic Customer Engagement: Understanding the products that customers are interested in but haven’t purchased allows for targeted engagement strategies. This could involve personalized follow-ups (maybe even supported by an integration to a CRM, such as HubSpot), special offers, or additional information about the products.
  • Turning Browsing into Buying: By addressing the reasons behind a customer’s hesitation, businesses can convert browsing into buying, transforming lost sales into successful transactions.

Tap Into the Potential of Every Buyer

The concept of lost sales in B2B eCommerce represents a goldmine of opportunities for businesses willing to dig deeper. With platforms like Turis, not only can companies provide an enticing and interactive online environment for their B2B customers, but they can also tap into the potential of every visit, every click, and every added item. By leveraging the powerful insights provided by the Lost Sales feature, businesses can engage with their customers more effectively, turning potential orders into profitable realities. In the competitive world of B2B eCommerce, understanding and acting on these hidden opportunities can be the key to unlocking significant growth and revenue.

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