The 5 secret benefits of a digital wholesale platform in 2021

Last Updated on June 7, 2021 by Dan Christoffersen

Are you running a wholesale business in 2021? Then we’re sure that you’ve heard about a digital wholesale platform. But do you know about all the benefits that follow when you digitize your wholesale processes?

Keep the secrets of a digital wholesale platform to yourself.

Well, are you interested in optimizing and growing your wholesale business? Then you need to know them.

In this blog post, we will share with you the 5 (secret) benefits of digital wholesale platforms.

Nr. 1 – Save valuable time

No matter the size of your business, time is almost always a scarce resource, and handling your B2B sales via phone, email, and other outdated channels is not exactly contributing positively.

Why not save valuable time and money where you can? 

Using a digital wholesale platform to manage your wholesale will help you reduce time spent on your otherwise tedious wholesale processes.

No more manual order handling

First of all, you won’t have to handle your wholesale orders manually. So instead of receiving an order by email and having to input it manually into your accounting system, you can now transfer everything from your wholesale platform instead. All it takes is a click with the mouse.

No more repetitive questions

Second, you won’t have to answer repetitive questions about prices, stock levels, case quantities, etc. All of this information is now available directly for your wholesale customers on your digital wholesale platform. Furthermore, the information is always updated.

No time spent having to amend order errors

Have you ever made an order mistake? Then you know that it can take a long time and work to correct. Especially if you have already shipped the order to your wholesale customer. Digitizing your wholesale processes reduces the risk of order errors – both in your end and your customers. We will elaborate more on this in the next section.

The time saved from not having to handle your orders manually, you can spend doing what you enjoy; perfecting your product, growing your business, taking a nap in the back.

Nr. 2 – Minimize the risk of errors

People make mistakes – that is a fact. Another fact is that machines don’t. Why not utilize a digital B2B software platform and remove the risk of errors as a result of human limitations?

Digitizing your wholesale will greatly reduce the risk compared to manual order handling. As mentioned in the last section, correcting order errors takes precious time away from other tasks. But not only that. It will also decrease costs, lead to faster deliveries, and satisfied customers.

What types of order errors does a digital wholesale platform mitigate?

Order errors can occur both from the buyer and seller side of a transaction. For the buyer, there is a risk of ordering the incorrect products. This will often happen because they have to order manually, juggling line sheets, product catalogs, and price lists.

Don’t trust other people with your ice cream or it’ll end up on the floor. The same goes for your orders, if you don’t digitize them, that is.

For the brand selling their goods, the mistake will often take place when they have to transcribe the manual order into their database. They might add a wrong product to the order, add too many units of a product, or use the incorrect prices.

Nr 3 – Happy retailers

Don’t have that many retailers yet? Don’t feel it is necessary to invest in an e-commerce solution just yet? 

Chances are your customers disagree.

Research from McK shows that as much as 85% of B2B customers would prefer to not have contact with a salesperson when purchasing from a regular supplier.

Why do retailers prefer to order via a digital wholesale platform?

Considering the norm for wholesale ordering has been pen and paper for many years, what has caused this demand for online wholesale ordering? We believe that it is the growth of B2C eCommerce. As more and more people get familiar with the convenience of shopping online as a private person, they ask for the same option in their professional life.

You try to meet the needs and desires of your customers in almost every other aspect, so why not indulge them in this as well?

All you have to do is allow them to order via your wholesale order platform.

If you want more retailers, make sure to read our post on that topic here.

Nr. 4 – Retaining customers

There is a tendency in the wholesale business to forget smaller retailers. This is quite understandable as they usually order smaller volumes and less frequently. Completely forgetting about your small retailers is simply wasted potential.

In our experience, the root of the problem is that many wholesale companies are not really keeping their customer data organized. Many keep track of their retailers in an Excel sheet (or something worse). As the retailer base grows, it’s easy to lose track.

Organize and utilize your customer data to keep retailers engaged

Instead of managing your retailer data in a sheet, you should digitize and organize your customer data. In most digital wholesale platforms, you will be able to keep track of all wholesale customers swiftly and efficiently.

In addition to the improved overview, you will also be able to see when a specific retailer was last active on your wholesale shop, how long it’s been since they ordered from you, and how much they’ve ordered in total. Utilizing this data, you will know which retailers to reach out to before you forget to.

Nr. 5 – Increasing order volume and size

Last but not least, using eCommerce wholesale software like Turis for your B2B sales will in almost all cases result in increased order volume – it is scientifically proven!

Grow your orders with an online wholesale platform. Your spreadsheets not even guarantee status quo – reach for the stars!

There are several potential explanations for this effect, but two of the most obvious ones is the visual appeal that such a platform brings, and the ease of use that your customers experience when ordering. 

The visual appeal

Let’s face it, wholesale price lists in the form of spreadsheets are not sexy. What is sexy, is a customized wholesale ordering platform that matches your brand.

You can showcase your products in their best light and expose your customers to your new products in an appealing way.

Ease of use

For your wholesale customers, ordering via a wholesale webshop is much more convenient and easier compared to the traditional price lists. Why? Because they are accustomed to ordering online as consumers.

Today everybody has learned to enjoy the ease of shopping online. Finding the relevant product information without having to talk to a salesperson and being able to order 24/7.

Furthermore, some wholesale webshops allow the customer to shop in their own language and currency, making it even more convenient.

When you allow your retailers to order via a wholesale order portal, they are inspired to try new products. And when the ordering process of a wholesale platform is just two or three clicks, it couldn’t be easier! Turis is wholesale software made easy and available for everyone! 

Digital wholesale platform – The sum up

The five benefits listed above are simply some of the many companies gain from digitizing their B2B wholesale with a B2B ordering platform.

So why don’t more B2B companies invest in a digital solution?

The answer is almost always either financial or old habits dying hard.

Turis is here to fix that by offering the most affordable B2B e-commerce solution on the market. If your company is spending just one hour a week manually handling orders, then investing in Turis will not only save you time but also reduce costs.

Still curious? If you want to learn more, check out our definitive guide to B2B eCommerce platforms or our ultimate guide on wholesale. Want to know more about digital B2B wholesale or learn how your company can benefit from using Turis, then get in touch today at dan@turis.app or book an online demo of our platform:

You can also sign up for the free version of our B2B eCommerce platform and get started yourself:

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