B2B eCommerce for Beverage Brands

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The beverage industry thrives on the currents of B2B sales, with products ranging from craft beers to artisan sodas and invigorating kombucha making their way from production lines to retail shelves. For beverage brands, B2B eCommerce isn’t just a channel for transactions; it’s the pipeline that ensures a steady flow of repeat orders and sustained business growth.

The Role of B2B eCommerce in Beverage Sales

  • The Backbone of Business: For beverage brands, B2B sales are not a mere segment of their business model; they are the mainstay, often comprising over 90% of their total business operations.
  • Repeat Orders: The lifeline of beverage brands is the repeat order—constant, reliable, and indicative of a retailer’s inventory turnover and the end consumer’s demand.

Streamlining Orders with B2B eCommerce

  • 24/7 Ordering: By adopting a B2B eCommerce solution, beverage brands empower their retail partners with the ability to place orders around the clock, untethered from traditional business hours and independent of manual stock checks.
  • Real-Time Inventory and Offerings: Keeping product information and availability updated in real-time on a B2B platform is essential (fetched from accounting systems or ERP, like Xero or Microsoft Business Central). It instills confidence in retailers that their orders will be fulfilled promptly and accurately, ensuring that their shelves are never barren.

The Importance of Detailed Product Information

  • Transparency in Ingredients: In an era where consumers are increasingly conscious of what they consume, providing detailed ingredient lists and nutritional information is not just good practice—it’s a competitive advantage.
  • Aligning with Retailers’ Values: Retailers often cater to niche markets with specific dietary preferences or values. A B2B eCommerce platform that allows beverage brands to showcase their commitment to organic ingredients or detail their nutritional profiles resonates with retailers’ needs to meet their customers’ expectations.
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Turis: Crafting a Superior B2B Storefront for Beverage Brands

  • Ease of Reordering: Turis simplifies the reordering process, making it hassle-free for retailers to replenish their stock of beverages, ensuring continuity for their customers and reliability for the brand.
  • A Hub of Product Details: With Turis, every beverage brand can curate a detailed catalog of their products, complete with ingredients, nutritional facts, and any unique selling points, all within an easy-to-navigate B2B storefront.
  • Customized Experiences: The Turis platform offers the flexibility to customize the B2B experience for each retailer, from personalized pricing to exclusive product releases, ensuring that each customer feels valued and understood.

A Place for Retailers To Return To

For beverage brands, leveraging a robust B2B eCommerce platform is not just a strategic move; it’s a critical component for sustaining growth and outpacing competition. In the bustling marketplace of beverages, where brand loyalty and timely fulfillment are paramount, Turis offers a comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between beverage producers and retailers. It’s a digital ecosystem that understands the pulse of B2B transactions, catering to the unique rhythms of the beverage industry.

With Turis, beverage brands can ensure that their distributors and retailers are equipped with the latest product information, enabling informed purchasing decisions that resonate with the end consumer’s evolving tastes. This alignment of interests, facilitated by the advanced capabilities of B2B eCommerce, positions beverage brands not just as suppliers but as indispensable partners in the retail journey. As a result, brands that embrace this digital pivot are poised to dominate their market segments, ensuring their beverages remain in high demand and their business relationships deep-rooted and fruitful.

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