Wholesale: Here’s the definitive guide [2021]

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What is wholesale?

If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, you’re definitely not alone. Because probably every B2B company out there is most probably interested in selling wholesale.

This blogpost is all about wholesale.

We’ll cover:

  • What is wholesale?
  • What is digital wholesale and B2B eCommerce?
  • What is a wholesale platform?
  • The 5 secret benefits of digital wholesale platforms
  • How do I find wholesale suppliers and retailers?
  • How do I get my products in stores?
  • That’s how you get ahead of the competition
  • That you should be cautious of wholesale marketplaces

What is wholesale?

Wholesale means selling products in bulk – meaning large quantities. Typically the buyers are other businesses who then sell the products  in smaller quantities to actual Consumer.

Wholesale in Mexico

For that reason wholesale is often part of the B2B way of doing business. Read everything you need to know about B2B here.

What is digital wholesale and B2B eCommerce? 

Back in the day wholesale probably happened with a pen, a piece of paper and a phone. 

Well, after a little thing called the internet came alone, wholesale has changed quite a lot (or at least companies should adapt and do digital.

Digital wholesale and B2B eCommerce is pretty much just two terms that cover the same. In essence:

Digital wholesale and B2B eCommerce is wholesale done online

As we will cover later in this post there are numerous advantages to going digital, if you’re involved in wholesale business.

Get the full overview of digital wholesale and B2B eCommerce here.

Digital wholesale often takes place on a wholesale platform.

What is a wholesale platform?

A wholesale platform is basically a webshop – just for businesses.

We’re 100% sure that you have searched for something on Google, clicked on one of the top hits, landed on a website and purchased a product.

This is a classic example of B2C (business to Consumer) business today.

It’s a little bit different when a company wants to buy for instance 200 couches. A normal B2C webshop is just not built for that.

Voila! A wholesale platform specially designed for B2B companies – like Turis – is the right answer.

A platform such as Turis is designed specifically for B2B companies. With Turis you can build a custom B2B eCommerce platform, that will make it super easy for your retailers to order your products.

Furthermore Turis allows you to build a platform that provides a great user experience, which is insanely important in the digital world we live in. 

So please don’t neglect the B2B customer experience when you design your eCommerce platform.

Read more about Turis’ awesome product right here.

The 5 secret benefits of digital wholesale platforms


There are at least 5 great (and secret) benefits that will come your way if you invest in digital wholesale software. Besides time and money, we’re talking about

→ Happy retailers

→ Retaining customers

→ Increasing order volume and size

Read in detail about the 5 secret benefits here.

How do I find wholesale suppliers and retailers?

If there are two questions that’s constantly nagging businesses in the B2B sector, it’s these:

“How do we find wholesale suppliers?” and “how do we get more retailers?”

Don’t worry. 

In other blog posts we have compiled lots of actionable tips and tricks for you to follow.

If you’re looking for wholesale suppliers click here, and if you’re searching for retailers click here.

How do I get my product in stores?

Looking to get your products in stores? Smart move! 

Even though webshops are booming these years, you should not forget the importance of having your products on the physical shelves in shops.

But how do you break through to shops and get them to sell your products?

We got some tips lined up for you – right here.

That’s how you get ahead of the competition

If one thing is certain it is that you probably have a lot of competition for your business. 

So a natural question to ask is: How do I get ahead of the competition?

There are off course many ways to tackle such a question – and one of the good ways is to get out there and meet your customers and possible retailers.

But how? Attend trade shows! 

A wholesale trade show is a great way to shake a lot of hands, look people in the eye and grow your business. 

If you’re on your way to your first trade show, remember these golden rules.

Be cautious of wholesale marketplaces

If you’re a small or medium sized business you might be tempted to join an online wholesale marketplace.

After all it sounds extremely promising: Join our marketplace with tens of thousands of customers and grow your business!

Well…before you get carried away consider that:

  • You face steep competition on wholesale marketplaces
  • The marketplace will charge you a commission 
  • You will lose control of your business which might come back to haunt you down the line.

Read our full blog post on why wholesale marketplaces will be the end of your brand and business here

There you have it! Our full guide to wholesale 🙂 It’s a long text and if you made it all the way here – we applaud you!

We would love to continue the dialog and show you what Turis is all about and more importantly:

How Turis can help your business grow

Book a free demo of Turis here and read more about Turis’ awesome product here.

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