Turis for sales agents

Are you working as a sales agent, or are you a brand that utilizes sales agents? With Turis, you can make the ordering process for sales agents much simpler. By making the process simpler, most agents are able to sell more to customers.

Make it a simple process to work with local sales staff in selected market or regions.

As a sales agent it’s important to have the right tools at hand that can make selling a simple process that is all about… well, selling.

As a brand, you care about your sales agents having limited access to only the accounts they serve. This also means, that the sales agent can work in a more focused way, without having to deal with data irrelevant to them.

The most common challenges for sales agents

Manual sales processes

Sales agents have one very important task. To have a good ongoing relatioship with an existing set of clients. If your most prominent sales tool is a price list.

It is just as important to be able to order on behalf of your clients when you are not with them (did someone say COVID?).

By having a digital tool like Turis for sales agent to place wholesale orders, that becomes much easier. The brand, the agent and the client all receive an instant confirmation and the order is almost already being packed in the warehouse.

Lack of tools

The starting point for any good sale is the right set of tools to get the job done.

Digital tools are essential and doesn’t just give the client a better experience in the sales process (before/after), but it actually enables your agents to sell more too.

With a digital tool like Turis, your sales agents can browse your products in a visual format while being with the clients, showing off your product the best way possible.

The order is submitted right away and the customer receives a confirmation just after.

Overview of accounts

Sales agents usually work with larger areas/regions with the main task of adding new clients, while also serving the existing accounts.

This can be quite challenging without a proper overview and end up in more or less coincidental selections, based on preference, for example.

By using Turis, sales agents get a simple overview of the accounts they are responsible for and can easily decide, in a structured way, who to contact next.

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