Turis for lifestyle brands

Are you in a lifestyle brand selling to retailers? Then you can optimize your sales and processes with Turis.

Your wholesale can be done a lot simpler and better

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Fortunately, most lifestyle brands starts with a great product and a passion for the purpose of that product. Most brands just forget about the fact that the retailers deal with a lot of brands and products, which means that browsing collections and wholesale ordering needs to be simple.

Don’t worry – you have your great product, now it’s time to optimize.

Turis provides you with all the features you need to automate and sell efficiently to retailers without that feeling of a glorified spreadsheet.

We know that you don’t have an army of IT people in your organization. That’s why we’ve made it easy, affordable and fast to get started with Turis.

The most common challenges for lifestyle brands

No more price lists

No brands should have to deal with price lists in this day and age. Yes, it’s easy to write up a wholesale price list and attach it to an email. But imagine yourself being on the receiving end of that – would you download that file and start ordering right away?

If you even get an order using price lists, one thing is certain. That order would have been way better if your retailer had ordered using an interface where your products stood out. If If products are easy to browse, if the order process is simple, if the payment terms and prices are automatically listed – well, that just creates a better foundation for better orders.

We won’t get in to the amount of errors you will be getting using price lists and static tools for ordering. We’re sure that you have at least some experience in that.

Manual order handling

Who doesn’t like a fresh wholesale order right out of the inbox?

One thing is for sure, there is not as many who just as excited about the manual processing that goes with those new orders.

Not only does it slow down the order itself (the customer is waiting, you know), but it’s also very demotivating for that employee you are asking to fill the order lines.

Re-orders are your bread and butter

You spend a lot of time getting new retailers, right? It’s obviously the plan to get those retailers to order more than once. But if you don’t make it super simple for them to do just that, you risk that they’ll never place any order again but that intro order.

With Turis your retailers will be able to order in the simplest way possible. They log in, see their available selection/prices, click, submit – done.

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