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If you’re counting on retailers selling your products online, you better make your content readily available.

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What is an Image and Content Bank?

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Automatically Add High-Resolution Content

In the fast-paced world of B2B e-commerce, high-quality visuals are key. Turis streamlines this essential aspect by automatically integrating high-resolution content directly into your product listings. The moment new content is added to any product in the Turis platform, it’s seamlessly organized within our intuitive Image and Content Bank. Each product benefits from its dedicated folder, ensuring that your offerings are always showcased in their best light. This feature not only enhances visual appeal but also significantly reduces the manual effort in maintaining an up-to-date and visually compelling product portfolio.

Unique Download Links Made To Order

Imagine providing your B2B buyers with a personalized experience down to the very content they receive. With Turis, this becomes a reality. Every order placed on our platform generates a unique download link, offering buyers content that is specifically tailored to their purchase. This made-to-order content approach ensures that your buyers have access to all relevant visuals and information for the products they have selected. It’s not just a delivery of products; it’s a curated delivery of the product experience, enhancing buyer engagement and satisfaction.

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Retailers Will Use The Most Pixelated Image They Can Find

In the crowded digital marketplace, standing out is vital. The Turis Image and Content Bank is more than just a repository; it’s a tool that empowers your retailers to perform in their own B2C endeavors. By providing them with easy access to the right content, in the right dimensions, you enable them to effectively showcase your products on their web shops. This feature eliminates the common fallback of using low-quality, compressed images, ensuring that your products are always presented with the high standard they deserve. In turn, this enhances the online presence of your brand and aids your retailers in capturing the attention of the discerning online shopper.

The Power of Integrated Content Accessibility

In the dynamic landscape of B2B and retail e-commerce, the availability and accessibility of high-quality content can be the deciding factor in a product’s market success. This section explores why having a centralized and easily accessible content resource is crucial for B2B interactions and for retailers to effectively market products to end-users.

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Seamless Integration: A Natural Extension of B2B eCommerce

Turis’ inclusion of an Image and Content Bank is a strategic enhancement that aligns perfectly with our role as a comprehensive B2B eCommerce platform. By already hosting a wealth of product data, including images and various file types, it’s a natural progression to offer an organized and efficient content bank. This integration means that all essential product information and marketing materials are readily available, streamlining processes and ensuring consistency across different sales channels.

Eliminating the Need for External Content Management

For users managing B2B eCommerce platforms, the convenience of having an in-built content bank cannot be overstated. It eliminates the need for external content providers, reducing complexity and costs. Managing and maintaining downloadable files becomes effortless, with all necessary resources available in one central location. Users are also assured that the content they access is up-to-date and aligned with their specific needs.

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Unique Download Links: Personalized Content Delivery

A standout feature of Turis is the ability to generate unique download links for each B2B order. These links, sent directly to the buyer’s inbox, contain content tailored to the specific products purchased. This personalized approach not only enhances the buyer experience but also ensures that retailers have immediate access to the most relevant and effective marketing materials for their sales initiatives.

Cost Implications: Savings with an Integrated Solution

Considering the investment required for a standalone branded image and content bank, the costs can be significant. Typically, businesses could expect to invest anywhere from €5,000 to €20,000 annually for such a service. This estimate includes expenses related to software licenses, hosting, regular updates, and professional management of the content repository. By integrating this feature into the Turis platform, we offer substantial cost savings, making high-quality content management accessible without the hefty price tag.

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Not Just a Feature

The Turis Image and Content Bank is more than just a feature – it’s a strategic tool designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of B2B and retail e-commerce. By providing easy access to tailored content and eliminating the need for external content management, we empower our users to focus on what they do best – selling great products.

Image and Content Bank Features

  • Personalized and automated download links by email Deliver a unique download link in your B2B buyers’ inbox that lets them download exactly the content they need based on their recent order
  • Logo and assets download Host logos and asset files in separate folders to ensure your retailers are always on-brand
  • Custom folders Include custom folders with brand kits, data sheets or other files that’s relevant for B2B buyers but doesn’t necessarily relate to one specific product
  • Branded file directory Your Turis image and content bank will inherit the styles and settings generally applied to your B2B Storefront
  • Multiple file types Host a range of file types including JPGs, PNGs, GIFs, PDFs, .xlsx, video formats and more
  • Download all files A combined download action that zips all of your files in one neatly structured resource
  • Automatic structure Folders, sub folders and files are automatically assigned with meaningful names
  • Folder Management Manage folders exactly how you’d like for custom files

What’s it like using Turis?

Turis is just great.

We save a significant amount of time because we no longer have to manually enter orders from our customers.
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Melanie W.

Key Account Specialist @ Ergobaby
Excellent platform!

Very good so far! Everything much easier and faster for us and our clients! Highly recommended!
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Amanda M.

Marketing Manager @ Fashion Toys
The support is outstanding.

It’s easy to set up and get started with the software’s ease of use. The order handling and integrations are very nice.
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Simon T.

Creative Director @ Naturlig Olie
Innovative and solid B2B platform with excellent features.

We love how the products are displayed and the upload function makes it easy for our customers to place an order.
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Katarina D.

Customer Service Specialist @ Cam Cam Copenhagen

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