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If you are looking for a free tool that can help you save time, then this article is just what you need!

Using the right form is never easy when it comes to business making. By using a purchase order template that you can download for free, you will have one less form to worry about.

In this post besides getting a free form you can also read more about the next topics:

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What is a purchase order?

A purchase order (PO) is a form/sheet that is used to file bigger volume orders in a business-to-business environment. These forms are used to simplify the ordering process. Moreover, POs have a higher stake as well. Once the vendor accepts it, the agreement is legally binding, allowing the buyer to place an order without having to pay immediately.

Therefore, purchase orders are basically are simple order sheets used mainly in B2B sales.

It is no surprise, that these order sheets can be structured in many ways, depending on the amount and type of information included. Therefore, we collected the essentials of the three most commonly used variations in another blog post, you can read more about it.

To download our free purchase order template below. Just put it in your email, and we will send it your way!

Why should you use a purchase order template?

By implementing purchase order templates in your business, you will be able to track orders and accounts payable for you, as shown in the steps described above. It is also a good way to confirm verbal agreements and to gain an overview of the order items.

In our other blog posts, you can read more in-depth about order forms in general.

Or just put in your email and get started with those PO templates!

How does a Purchase order work?

A purchase order helps simplify and legalize the purchasing process, as described below:

  • A buyer raises a requisition for the purchase of a product or service for use by the business.
  • The buyer will prepare and send out a purchase order to the seller, either electronically or otherwise. (Request a Purchase Order template above).
  • The PO is received by the seller and a confirmation is sent to the buyer regarding the ability to fulfil the order. If the seller is unable to fulfil the order, he notifies the buyer and the PO is cancelled.
  • Assuming the seller is able to make the payment, the order is prepared by running it against the inventory and locating it by the staff.
  • The seller ships the order with the original PO number referenced on the order for tracking by both parties.
  • The seller will then invoice the order using the original PO number, so the buyer knows which order they’re paying for upon delivery.
  • The buyer pays for the order upon receipt as per the agreed terms of payment.

How to create a purchase order template?

To create a professional purchase order from scratch, follow the next steps:

  1. First, create a new document page and add your business details including name, address, contacts, shipping information, as well as the logo. If you have an existing letterhead, be sure to paste the content on a new page to save you the trouble of having to key in the above details.
  2. Type in the seller information under a section marked “vendor”.
  3. Itemize the products you wish to purchase together with costs.
  4. Add any other relevant information as you may find fit.
  5. Save a copy of the PO on a designated purchases order folder – under the vendor’s name.
  6. Finally, save a copy of the PO as a PDF file and email it to your vendor.

To put things into perspective, here’s what your purchase order should look like:

Are there any alternatives?

Once you receive your Free Purchase order template, you will see that potentially a lot of info is crammed into an order sheet. Keep it in mind that your retailers are working not only with your order templates from, but also with their other suppliers’. This can add up to a lot of time spent on filling out these sheets. Not to mention the risk of order errors, following such a manual approach at both ends. That is why it is important to make it simple and easy for them.

Thankfully, there are a few alternatives you can consider. For example, a digital wholesale ordering platform could be a much better way to present your products to your B2B customers. If you are interested, check all the benefits of B2B eCommerce integrations that we collected.

purchase order template
This is one example for a digital order platform

How can you shift to a digital platform?

To shift from order sheets to a digital wholesale order platform is actually surprisingly easy. With the following article, you can also dive a bit deeper into the topic of order management.

Are you also looking for other tools to boost your sales performance? Then you can also download our free wholesale price calculator.

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