Multilingual B2B shop: The what, how, and why

Why should you make sure that your B2B shop is multilingual? Well, because research shows that 40% of global customers won’t buy in other languages. That’s why.

So if you are selling your products across borders, having a multilingual B2B webshop is a must! In this blog post, we spill the beans on the benefits of selling in multiple languages and how you can obtain that international feel of multilingual in no time.

What is a multilingual B2B shop?

But before getting into the details of why and how you get your hands on some multilingual eCommerce, let us first briefly explain what a multilingual B2B shop is (or at least, what we consider it to be).

Multilingual simply means multiple languages. So a multilingual B2B shop is – yep, you guessed it – a B2B shop available in multiple languages.

In order to have a multilingual B2B shop, to begin with, you need to have a B2B shop. A B2B shop, or B2B eCommerce shop, is essentially the tool that digitizes your B2B sales and allows your retailers to order online.

For many B2B and wholesale brands, the order process is still manual. That means printed order sheets, emails, phone calls, and even fax. A B2B shop digitizes all of these outdated means of selling and buying between businesses. It’s essentially a webshop for brands selling to their recurring B2B customers.

Combining the multilingual and B2B shop, we end up with a software solution that lets brands sell their products digitally to retailers, and in the retailers’ preferred language.

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What are the benefits?

The benefits of offering your retailers to order in their own language are many. As we mentioned in the beginning, 40% of global customers won’t buy in other languages. That alone should be reason enough to ensure your B2B shop supports multiple languages. But there are several other benefits as well.

In general, communicating with your international buyers in their preferred language is one of the best ways to build trust and improve your professional relationship. When your customers can order in their first language, they are likely to be more engaged and put larger orders.

Combined with the many other benefits of having a B2B eCommerce shop, you as a brand will experience happier customers, better customer retention, and increased sales.

How do you get your own multilingual B2B shop?

Think setting up a multilingual B2B order portal sounds complicated? Well, it’s not. Really.

Turis is a B2B eCommerce solution that’s easy and quick to set up and allows you to manage your B2B sales efficiently. Along with plenty of other B2B and wholesale relevant features, Turis enables you to translate your B2B shop to 180+ languages.

In Turis, all languages are automatically translated, meaning minimal work for you. And if you don’t like Turis’ translation, you can personalize the used wording with your own personal favourite terms and expressions. All you have to do to present your customers to a B2B shop in their respective languages is to select the relevant languages from a list. That’s it.

With Turis, you can also preselect what language each specific customer sees as soon as they log in to order in your B2B shop. Then, your customers won’t even have to lift a finger (except for adding products to their basket, of course). If that wouldn’t be enough, a good B2B online shop is not only multilingual, but also supports multiple currencies.

It’s safe to say that getting a multilingual B2B shop has never been easier – for you and your customers. Book an online demo of Turis, and learn how a multilingual B2B shop can help your business.