Receive your dropshipping orders online over Turis!

Are you taking dropshipping orders from your retailers?

No wonder, dropshipping becomes more and more popular all around the world. It has many advantages, for example, new business owners can launch faster with less cost, you don’t need to keep an inventory, and it is better for the environment. 

The trend is rising and many companies implement dropshipping into their businesses. Big E-commerce platform providers (Shopify, WooCommerce) are offering dropshipping features which have to be implemented by developers. Here at Turis, we also realized the demand for a dropshipping feature, especially from our enterprise customers. We decided to develop a feature that is easy to use, understand, and implement. With Turis, anybody can handle dropshipping online.

Let’s take a look at how you can set up your dropshipping site with Turis.:

Since dropshipping products usually have different prices than wholesale products, you must first create a dropshipping price list to set up the right prices.


After you saved the price list and assigned it to the right products, your retailers can now see a little dropshipping button in the upper left corner of your B2B portal.

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If they wish to place a dropshipping order, they can click the button to get redirected to the dropshipping site. The dropshipping site looks identical to the standard B2B site. Retailers can choose the product they wish to order and proceed to checkout.

it is important to point out that a retailer cannot place products into the same basket from both, the standard B2B and dropshipping sites. The reason is that dropshipping prices are different than standard wholesale prices and therefore cannot get mixed up. Also, not all wholesale products are available for dropshipping. Often it is a smaller selection of products that a retailer can choose from. (Turis will always help to remember your retailers about this separation.)

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As you can see it is very simple and fast to set up the Turis dropshipping function.  So, are you ready to optimize your dropshipping business today?