Improving B2B Efficiency Turis’ Image & Content Bank

B2b Image and content bank

The rapidly changing retail environment, where efficiency and easy access to accurate product information makes the difference, requires innovative solutions. That is where we introduce our latest platform improvement: the Image & Content Bank.

This feature improves how businesses manage and share product-related material and assets. By enabling the centralized storage and organization of PDFs, Word files, Excel files, videos, and images, the Image & Content Bank empowers retailers with instant access to vital resources. This leap towards advanced digital asset management is more than a mere convenience; it’s a strategic advantage, essential to elevate your B2B transactions to new heights of effectiveness and user satisfaction.

What is the Image and Content Bank feature?

The Image & Content Bank is an important feature within B2B eCommerce, designed to centralize and streamline the management of digital assets. It empowers businesses to upload, organize, and share product-related materials such as images, videos, and documents with retailers. This versatile tool supports various file formats, making it easier for businesses to provide access to essential marketing materials and product information.

One of the standout functionalities of the Image & Content Bank is its ability to auto-generate folders, subfolders, and image files mirroring the storefront structure and products of the specific account. This automated organization ensures that digital assets are neatly aligned with the business’s offerings, enhancing navigability and access. For businesses with specific organizational needs, the platform also offers the flexibility to customize the folder structure and files. This level of customization and automatic structuring significantly boosts efficiency in B2B transactions, guaranteeing that retailers have all the necessary resources at their fingertips for effective marketing and sales strategies.

Locating the Image & Content Bank

Finding the Image & Content Bank feature is very easy. You can find it in the admin sidebar of your Turis B2B eCommerce platform. Once there, look for the designated section or icon labeled for Images & Content. This centralized location makes it easy to access, upload, and organize your digital assets, ensuring that everything you need for product marketing and information sharing with retailers is at your fingertips.

File Formats in the Image & Content Bank

The Image & Content Bank is designed to support a wide array of file types to meet the diverse needs of B2B eCommerce, ensuring that all your digital asset management requirements are covered. Here’s a snapshot of the supported formats:

  • Image Files: PNG, JPG for high-quality visual representations.
  • Document Files: DOCX, PDF for detailed product descriptions and information.
  • Spreadsheets: XLSX for comprehensive data sheets.
  • Videos: MP4, MPEG, AVI for engaging product demonstrations and tutorials.

This compatibility allows for a versatile approach to sharing and managing product-related materials, enhancing the retailer’s access to essential marketing and sales resources.

Enhanced Feature: Image Download Links

Turis also has an ingenious solution to save your resellers time with the Image Download Links feature. Recognizing the challenge resellers face in locating the appropriate images for products—particularly within extensive product catalogs—this feature streamlines the process. Resellers now receive a direct link to download the necessary images, either as part of their order confirmation email or via a dedicated email. This not only simplifies the task of finding the right product visuals but also significantly cuts down on the time spent searching for them. It’s a straightforward yet powerful tool designed to enhance the efficiency and satisfaction of your resellers, making it easier than ever to promote and sell your products.

Image & Content Bank Guide

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