Update product attributes promptly with our bulk uploader!

Product content updates in Ecommerce is a tedious and often cumbersome task. Updating product descriptions, adjusting prices, uploading new product images, and keep your product catelog in a nice shape.

Optimally, these updates are done automatically via integrations. This way, you will only have to do the product updates once, and the new data is synced to all relevant platforms.

Sometimes, however, integrations are not an option. That’s why Turis created our Bulk Uploader. The Bulk uploader allow users to upload Retailers, Products, Stock levels, etc. from a csv file, significantly saving time and manual work! 

The newest addition to our Bulk Uploader is the option to update product attributes for existing products!

Using this feature, users can update product attributes for all products simultaneously, instead of manually updating information for every product individually.

And it’s actually quite simple to use. Just select what data you want to upload or update:

image 7

Download the template. In this case, a csv export of all your product content for existing products. From here, you can either add, delete or change product content.

image 9

Once you’ve updated the sheet with the new product content, simply save the file, and upload it to Turis again. Now all your products are updated! So easy, so fast!

image 8

This way – even if you do not have integrations in place – users can upload and update product attributes in a matter of minutes. Doesn’t matter if 10, 100, or 1000 products.