Bonjour. Hola. Hello. Hej. Konnichiwa.

Being an international brand is great. Your product serves a universal need that doesn’t care about borders. It creates massive opportunities but at the same time it isn’t easy.

Once you start working with retailers internationally you’ll encounter markets where communication, branding and products needs to be localized for you, as a brand, to succeed and be accepted by the consumers in the particular market.

Usually that requirement is merely a proof of the significance of the market you are entering which in turn justifies the work needed to accommodate this cultural aspect.

At Turis, we’re used to working with brands that has international presence and thereby need a simple way to manage this to make their retailers and business partners feel at home.

The simplicity is key here as you work with large volumes of product data and maintenance and user experience cannot be the blockers and the reason to default to English for everything.

That is why we have made it easy for you to manage your multilingual product attributes right where they belong – in your product data.

You simply activate the languages you need to localize your data for (remember, not all international markets require you to localize) and start adding the data for the individual fields that requires translation. We’ve made sure that only language-related data is translatable so you don’t have to duplicate everything (like product SKUs, brand names, dimensions, etc.).

Screen Shot 2022 12 01 at 16.22.09

Once you’re ready to start adding your translated content, simply find the fields highlighted with the language options you’ve activated.

Screen Shot 2022 12 01 at 16.23.36

But what if we don’t have localized content ready for all products?

Not a problem! If you don’t have localized content set for a product, we’ll just make sure to show the content that is available so users won’t be left with empty content fields. Once you populate the fields with localized content, it will appear to users with the language set.

Pro tip: if you pre-select the language setting on behalf of a retailer, they will instantly feel at home as they don’t even have to switch to the language they prefer (or only speak). You have done that for them and made it even easier to purchase from your brand.