Wholesale at its core: Individualized pricing

There are few aspects of wholesale that are as significant and defining as individual pricing (and individualization in general).

In wholesale and B2B sales, compared to consumer sales, there are quite a few conditions that play a crucial role in how the partnership between a brand and a customer is going to play out. The type of industry and the brand is usually what defines the type of conditions that will be used to set the ground for the wholesale / B2B partnership.

The main topic and one condition that is (almost) part of any wholesale and B2B partnership is: Price.

The ability to support individualized pricing is key for any wholesale or B2B eCommerce platform. The flexibility in how they do so is what differentiates them.

At Turis, we’ve always focused on being able to support very different needs for individualized pricing. We do that by being general and flexible in the features we offer to support this extremely important functionality.

We realize that not all brands have the same structured view on their customer subsets. Some brands might handle their individual customer pricing on a more case-by-case basis. Whether it’s their preferred approach or because their type of business requires it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s supported.

So, can I offer my retailers and wholesale customers individualized pricing with Turis?

Yes, you can.

Can I offer multiple price levels within the same currency but to different customers?

Yes, you can.

Can I work with multiple currencies and lock them to individual customers?

Yes, you can.

Can I add discounts for some products and standard prices for other?

Yes, you can.

These are just some of the conditions for individualized pricing that brands need. There are a lot of other use cases and scenarios that can be handled by setting up different structures in Turis.

As always, we are happy to help you set up these structures or simply advice you on the best approach to achieve what you want.