Sell more with product bundling!

Bundling your products is a great way to increase your sales!

A bundle is a collection of products that are ‘bundled’ for the customer to buy as a ‘package’. Often utilized to introduce new products to existing customers or introduce new customers to a package of your most popular products, bundles will induce your customers to order more products.

While product bundling is commonly used in B2C sales, it is less common in B2B and wholesale – but definitely not less effectual! That’s why we are introducing our Bundle Feature in the Turis Wholesale eCommerce platform.

Creating and managing bundles in Turis is super easy. It’s only a matter of selecting products, quantities, and prices, and you have a fresh new bundle to boost your sales.


You decide if you want to put a limitation on the number of bundles per retailer or only make your bundle available to specific customer segments. All done with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Bundles will allow your customers to order effortlessly and help you upsell and cross-sell your products.

Bundle 1

So go ahead and bundle your products and up your B2B sales!