Feature of the Month: B2B Sales Agents

b2b sales agents in ecommerce

The Importance of B2B Sales Agents

In the vast and competitive landscape of B2B eCommerce, sales agents play a crucial role in driving sales and enhancing customer relationships. These professionals act as the bridge between a company’s offerings and its business customers, understanding client needs and providing tailored solutions. Recognizing their importance, Turis has developed a robust functionality dedicated to empowering sales agents, simplifying their workflows, and boosting their efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Sales Agents Matter

Sales agents are not just order takers; they are strategic partners who understand the market and the specific needs of B2B clients. They can manage complex negotiations, handle customer concerns, and offer personalized service, which is often required in B2B transactions. For businesses, having a platform that supports the intricate role of sales agents means more streamlined operations, better customer service, and increased sales opportunities.

Turis: A Tool Designed for Sales Agent Success

Navigating the Dashboard and Initial Setup

Upon logging into Turis, sales agents are greeted with a user-friendly dashboard. This hub provides quick access to creating new orders, adding notes to companies, and viewing recent activities. It’s designed to give sales agents a clear overview of their daily tasks and priorities.

Creating and Managing Retailers and Buyers

  • Retailer Setup: Sales agents can quickly add new retailers by navigating to ‘Users’ and selecting ‘All retailers’. By clicking the “+ / plus” button, they can enter all necessary details, from basic contact information to specific details like VAT numbers and preferred currencies.
  • Buyer Accounts: Under the same section, agents can create buyer profiles for each retailer, ensuring that each buyer has personalized access to the platform. This feature allows sales agents to cater specifically to the needs of each buyer, enhancing the purchasing experience.

Efficient B2B Order Management

  • Order Creation: Sales agents can start an order directly from the dashboard or through the ‘Orders’ section. They simply select a retailer and a buyer, and then proceed to the Turis shop to add products to the basket.
  • Express Ordering: For rapid order processing, Turis provides an express ordering tool. This feature allows sales agents to quickly input product SKUs and quantities, or upload a CSV file, streamlining the order placement process.
  • Order Review and Management: Once items are selected, agents can review the order in the basket, adjust quantities, change the delivery address, and finalize the transaction. This ensures accuracy and satisfaction before submission.

Technical Features That Enhance Sales Agent Capabilities

Turis is equipped with features that empower sales agents to perform their roles with greater precision and efficiency:

  • Customizable Interfaces: The platform allows customization that reflects the brand’s identity, making it easier for agents to sell as if they are directly representing the brand.
  • Automated Notifications: Automatic notifications keep all stakeholders updated about order changes and status, reducing the need for manual follow-ups.
  • Integrated Tools: Integration with existing ERP systems ensures that all customer and order data are synchronized, minimizing errors and saving time.

Sales Agents

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