Turis for dropshipping

Some brands and products are just made for dropshipping. It makes everything a bit simpler for you, your retailers and it's even good for the environment.

Make dropshipping ordering simple whenever it's needed

Retailers that purchase using dropshipping often need to place the order and confirm it right when they’re with the end customer. That means that it’s crucial for the sale that the retailer can confirm and order the product in question right away.

Having to call a brand, a warehouse or customer service to get that confirmation doesn’t work. The order needs to go in right away.

The most common challenges for dropshippers

Availability and confirmation

Your dropshipping retailers depend on you, as a brand, to deliver orders fast enough so that the customer doesn’t get affected by the fact that your are dropshipping.

That’s why it’s important that you can offer your retailers a simple, easy and digital method for dropshipping ordering. It simply needs to be available to all employees at the individual retailers.

Order process

In dropshipping it’s essential that retailers can submit orders efficiently using digital tools. This includes when your retailers can’t reach you (outside office hours or in different time zones). Furthermore, dropshipping orders are generally small which is yet another reason why they need to be handled efficiently.

With Turis, your retailers can order at any time and anywhere. By using integrations the order is immediately synced with your other systems (accounting, CRM, warehouse).

The result? Your orders are ready for shipping within minutes (even seconds) after it’s been received.

Manual confirmations

If a retailer place a dropshipping order by phone/email and this person needs to wait for manual confirmation, well then the order is at great risk of being cancelled. This creates unnecessary order management and potentially a dissatisfied customer.

By using Turis, you ensure that your retailers have all the ordering access they need whenever they are with a customer. Your retailers can even see your exact stock (if you let them) so that no order is delayed without the customer knowing about it.

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