Turis for distributors

Are you the distributor for one or several brands? Do you have a brand with distributors in selected markets? Then Turis can make everything a bit simpler for you.

Turis makes it simple for distributor to start selling new brands

If you are working with several brands it’s important to have a structured approach to how you make these brands available to retailers. By using the same tools and processes you can focus on marketing rather than backoffice tasks

The most common challenges for distributors

Onboarding new brands

As you are building a portfolio of brands it’s important to have some degree of structure to how you go about that. Yes, brands are different, but as a distributor it is important for you to be able to get products in the hands of retailers very quickly.

You do that by having the right set of digital tools. Turis is dedicated to wholesale and makes it simple for you to onboard a new brand and to start offering it to new or existing retailers.

Lack of structure

With more brands comes more needs. That’s why many distributors end up having individual processes for the brands they carry. By choosing the most flexible digital tools, you ensure that the same, or at least a similar, process can be used across your brand portfolio.

Turis enables you to work with several product types and settings all the way down to the individual retailer.

Backoffice tasks

With many brands comes a lot of backoffice work. Each brand is handled separately. Some orders come in on email, some on phone and the last few on fax.

Turis has more than 2,000 integrations available. This means that you can automate your process to a very high degree. If you do this across all of your brands, then you can actually start focusing on other things than manual tasks.

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