Are you the distributor for one or several brands? Do you have a brand with distributors in selected markets?

How can Turis make it simple for distributors to do wholesale in their local markets?

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If you are working with several brands, it’s important to have a structured approach to how you make these brands available to retailers. By using the same tools and processes, you can focus on marketing rather than back-office tasks.


Turis comes complete with a B2B eCommerce storefront that your customers interact with as they are placing wholesale orders with you. It’s up to you to decide if you want to brand and design the storefront individually or combine several brands under the same account.

Either way, Turis allows you to invite your customers and individualize the product and prices for each and every user that logs in. On top of that, we make it simple to manage the orders as they come in and connect with other tools you are currently using (everything from Accounting/ERP, CRM, Newsletters). You can connect Turis to more than 4,000 other platforms without having to write ANY code.

Localization is also done simply, as Turis is a multi-language and multi-currency platform. This means that you can control the brands you sell to in multiple markets, offering custom pricing (we don’t just auto-convert) while your customers are shopping in the language they speak and prefer.

Yes. Turis allows you to work with sales agents and assign retailers to them based on your preferences (location, region or one by one). This means that a sales agent can log in and place an order on behalf of the assigned retailers at any time. Turis is also a tool used by sales agents on the road or from the back office.

Similarly, Turis admins can place orders on behalf of every customer on your account in a way that is much faster and simpler than typing up the order in your accounting system or ERP. On top of that, the customer will instantly receive an order confirmation and if you have integrations, these will be taken care of by the remaining order handling.

The most common challenges for Distributors

❗ Onboarding new brands

❗ Lack of structure across brands

❗ Too many back-office and admin tasks related to wholesale

Onboarding new brands

As you are building a portfolio of brands, it’s important to have some degree of structure to how you go about that. Yes, brands are different, but as a distributor, it is important for you to be able to get products in the hands of retailers very quickly.

You do that by having the right set of digital tools. Turis is dedicated to wholesale and makes it simple for you to onboard a new brand and start offering it to new or existing retailers.

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Lack of structure

With more brands comes more needs. That’s why many distributors end up having individual processes for the brands they carry. By choosing the most flexible digital tools, you ensure that similar processes can be used across your brand portfolio.

Turis enables you to work with several product types and settings, all the way down to the individual retailer.

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Back office tasks

With many brands comes a lot of back-office work. Each brand is handled separately. Some orders come in by email, some via phone calls, and still some by fax.

Turis has more than 4,000 integrations available.

This means that you can automate your process to a very high degree. If you do this across all of your brands, then you can actually start focusing on other things than manual tasks.

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We know it’s a lot of information…

But we got your back!

We believe that great platforms come with great support. That is why when you sign up for Turis you don’t just get a software product. You get a serviced product with actual people ready to help you, proactively as well as when you need advice or guidance.

We put an effort into answering every question in detail and in a way our customers understand.

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