Bring your B2B wholesale into the digital era

What does B2B wholesale got to do with the digital era? Well, the adoption of eCommerce technology for B2C sales is rather common, if not mandatory, for resellers, brands, and manufacturers. B2C eCommerce has proven its worth in efficiency, customer acceptance, user experience, and availability.

Based on these parameters, it should be obvious that they shouldn’t be limited to B2C sales. Wouldn’t you want your B2B wholesale business to benefit from cost-efficiency, availability, and a custom user experience?

B2B wholesale often means lots of paper and manual work.

If you’re in the wholesale business, there is a good chance that you have your products and prices listed in different spreadsheets. One for each market/segment. If you do, you are also aware of the amount of work that goes into the setup and distribution of these. Not to mention the distribution and reminding your customers to save the latest version. And every time they don’t, you need to follow up with the customer with an update of the order, which is obviously even more work.

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Some wholesalers have adopted some kind of digital technology as an attempt to move out of the spreadsheet era. This is often based on legacy platforms that are out of date, not very user-friendly, and unreasonably expensive. Or – even more common – eCommerce platforms that simply are not suitable to handle the complexity of B2B wholesale (because they are intended for B2C and not B2B).

B2B and wholesale brands using one of these two options might as well stick to spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls.

What should B2B brands and wholesalers do instead?

Well, we believe that brands selling B2B and wholesale should invest in a contemporary eCommerce solution. No more spreadsheets, no more old-school legacy platforms, and no more “hacked” B2C shops. They should just use Turis.

Our mission with Turis is simple. We want to empower wholesalers to enter the world of eCommerce with a B2B wholesale platform featuring functionality and technology that enables them to efficiently manage products, prices, inventory status, orders, and customers in the place that is best suited for it – online.

Other relevant B2B and wholesale functionality

Wholesale is about more than just placing and accepting orders efficiently. And Turis comes loaded with wholesale-relevant and general features:

Unique pricing: Turis allows you to offer unique prices and discount levels to each individual customer. This way, neither you nor your customer will have to juggle multiple price sheets and recalculate prices.

Multilingual webshop: Turis Supports 180+ languages to ensure that your wholesale customers are able to shop in their local language. This is more convenient for your customers, and will in many cases increase sales.

Data insights: TURIS provides rich data insights about your customers and their purchase behavior. This enables you to optimize your wholesale business and target customers with relevant products, campaigns, and information.

And this is only to mention a few of the many features that Turis include. You can read more details about some of the functionality in the Features section of our news here.

The best thing?

We’ve made TURIS easy to use for everyone. We realize that many of our users are not IT experts. They shouldn’t have to be. They should be focused on their business and developing great products. All it takes to get started is some clicks with the mouse, a bit of typing on the keyboard, some drag and drop here and there, and you’re good to go.

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We’ll provide the platform that enables you to efficiently present and sell your products. This results in the fastest warehouse-to-shelf time you’ve ever experienced. This is of course not only great for you and your business, but also for your wholesale customers. It’s a win-win!

If you want to experience how TURIS can improve your business, you can sign up for the free trial below.