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Our B2B preorder feature is based on decades of experience and industry-leading practices in handling preorders in a B2B context. We’ve meticulously designed this functionality based on extensive input from users and brands, ensuring that all relevant functions and settings are integrated into a single, comprehensive feature. With this approach, any brand can start accepting preorders without writing a single line of code.

Offering your customers and retailers the ability to preorder products unlocks new business opportunities and operational efficiencies. This feature allows you to manage inventory better, anticipate demand, and streamline production schedules. By embracing B2B preorders, you can reduce overstocking and minimize waste, all while building stronger relationships with your B2B partners. If you’re seeking to enhance your B2B eCommerce strategy, keep reading to discover how B2B preorders can bring significant value to your business.

Preorders in B2B eCommerce differ from standard orders in several key aspects, offering distinct benefits and opportunities for both brands and customers.

  • Production: Preorders give brands the ability to assess demand for specific products before ramping up production. This approach allows for more efficient resource planning and minimizes the risk of overproduction. Additionally, preorders contribute to sustainability by enabling brands to produce only the quantities needed to meet demand, reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.
  • Demand: Preorders create a sense of urgency that can drive higher engagement and encourage earlier commitments from customers. By implementing time-limited preorder campaigns, brands can incentivize customers to place orders before the deadline, ensuring they don’t miss out on in-demand products. This urgency can lead to increased sales and helps brands plan their production schedules more accurately.
  • Flexibility: Standard B2B orders are typically processed and fulfilled immediately, resulting in instant invoicing and payment requirements. This can lead to a higher frequency of smaller orders as companies aim to manage their cash flow. Preorders, on the other hand, offer greater flexibility. Traditional preorders often come with high minimum order requirements, which can deter customers from committing. However, with Turis’ B2B preorder feature, brands can set conditions that balance the need for higher monetary commitments with the flexibility to accommodate customer needs. This flexibility can include allowing customers to split their preorders into multiple smaller shipments or offering flexible payment terms, making it easier for customers to place larger preorders while managing their cash flow effectively.

Overall, B2B preorders offer unique advantages that can lead to more efficient production, increased demand, and greater flexibility for both brands and customers. By leveraging these benefits, brands can create a more sustainable and customer-friendly B2B eCommerce experience.

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B2B ecommerce feature preorder

Our B2B preorder feature provides unparalleled flexibility and control, allowing you to customize the preorder experience to suit your business’s unique needs. With this feature, you can choose which specific products are available for preordering, giving you complete control over your product offering. You can also determine when the preorder period opens and when it closes, enabling you to create time-limited campaigns that drive urgency and encourage early commitments from your B2B customers.

Additionally, you can control who has access to place preorders. This allows you to cater to specific customer segments or markets, ensuring that only authorized users can place orders. This level of customization is essential in B2B eCommerce, where individualization is key to building strong relationships with your business customers.

Another crucial aspect of our B2B preorder feature is the ability to set unique preorder prices for each market and segment. This ensures that your pricing strategy remains consistent with your business model, while also providing flexibility to adjust prices according to market demand and customer segmentation.

With these comprehensive features, our B2B preorder functionality stays true to the complexity and individualization inherent in B2B eCommerce. It allows you to create a tailored preorder experience that aligns with your business goals, providing a seamless and efficient process for both you and your customers. By offering this level of customization, you can enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business, ultimately driving growth in your B2B eCommerce efforts.

B2B preorders offer a unique opportunity for businesses to present their products to customers before their official release, allowing for an early gauge of demand and interest. This approach has multiple advantages, as it helps you assess the market’s appetite for your products, enabling you to make informed production and inventory decisions. A structured approach to managing B2B preorders, like the one provided by the Turis preorder feature, simplifies this process, ensuring you maintain control over the entire preorder lifecycle.

With Turis, you can streamline the management of B2B preorders, allowing you to handle customer orders with ease and precision. This structured approach means you can confidently plan production based on actual demand, reducing the risk of overproduction or stock shortages. Efficiently managing preorders also allows you to keep customers informed throughout the process, enhancing their experience and building trust in your brand.

Another critical aspect of B2B preorders is the invoicing process, which differs from standard orders. Preorders typically involve invoicing when the products are delivered, not at the time of the order. This flexibility in invoicing aligns with the longer lead times associated with preorders, offering a more customer-friendly approach. It also helps businesses manage cash flow by ensuring that payments are received in line with the delivery schedule.

By implementing a B2B preorder feature like Turis, you can unlock these benefits and create a more efficient and customer-focused preorder system. The ability to evaluate demand early and manage orders in a structured manner not only supports better business planning but also enhances customer satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.