11 B2B Social Media Post Ideas to inspire you (2022)

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Are you looking for inspiration for your b2b social media channels? Then we have good news. We’ve collected 11 of the best ones in this blog post!

Social media is all around us, influencing our decisions and behavior in our business lives and everyday situations. But as a company trying to navigate Social media, It is not always easy to make the right decisions about what to post. That is why we collected a bunch of excellent B2B social media examples for you.

We also have an article on B2B social media marketing that you can use as a warm-up.

Best B2B social media examples

B2B social media example

Some people think that B2B social media stops at LinkedIn posts and Facebook advertisements. But there is much more to consider when it comes to B2B social media marketing. The following B2B social media examples can help you think out of the box and create a unique campaign for your B2B brand.

Stories and Reels

In today’s fast-moving world, it is all about time and efficiency. This also goes for social media, and videos are great for time efficiency! For the last couple of years, videos have been ruling most platforms in the form of short stories, reels, and TikToks. Mainly due to the fact that these short videos are straight to the point, surprising, and funny, which makes them more catchy in general. For marketers, this can come across as more challenging than exciting. But the fact that 91% of the active Instagram users are watching videos, this challenge is worth the effort.


The TikTok trend of the Re:make campaign started in 2021 summer. The object was to motivate all users to remake their favorite commercials into short and funny versions. This campaign revolutionized the way people look at their favorite brands’ advertisements and the way advertisers create content. If you have any experience with producing commercials, you know for sure, that it’s expensive! TikTok’s campaign changed this perspective as well. With all the DIY remakes, suddenly low-budget versions of the same advertisements were all over the channel.

Furthermore, this motivated the ‘older’ generation to participate in the campaign by remaking their childhood favorite commercials from the 90′ and 2000′.

Metaverse campaigns

Imagine a digital space where people can play, interact, socialize and work together, called ‘metaverse’. Since tech plays a huge role in our day-to-day lives, advertisers must adapt, and take advantage of this new platform. The basic idea is to launch products digitally first and then release the physical products in stores later on. Coca-Cola Zero sugar byte advertisement was an outstanding example of this movement.

In the playground of social media, everything is possible!

Interaction with Community

Private or open groups are available on almost every SoMe channel. These are a great way to connect people looking for similar content and spark up conversations with like-minded people. Brands can create closed groups for their customer segments or product profiles.

Direct messaging is an easy approach to getting in touch with your customers. This communication form is more suitable for sales purposes. But collecting material for your feed posts, building customer relationships, or providing customer support can be done this way too.

Twitch campaign

Twitch is a live-streaming service for mainly gaming, but also other entertainment content such as sports and music. Hershey’s chocolate, for example, wanted to become the number one go-to snack for gamers, so it partnered with Twitch.

Red Bull has also invested a significant amount for product placement in twitch videos, again targeting mainly gamers.

NFT campaigns

Non-fungible-tokens or more commonly known as NFTs are allowing ownership of digital assets and rights. In case you are aiming for brand exclusivity, NFTs can be a great tool as they are non-duplicable. Meaning that the buyer will have at least 100% ownership of his/her purchase. Pushing the limits of digital goods, brands will potentially increase their physical sales.

B2B social media examples

There are several amazing businesses with leading social media accounts, which can inspire you. These companies broke the burden of niche products and turned “less exciting” topics into successful interactive content hubs.

IMG 5799


Some are surprised to hear Google mentioned as a company working in B2B sales. Google’s revenue, however, comes from advertising fees paid by other companies. 

Google is a good example of how using word-wide events can create social awareness. They are one of the biggest advocates of global matters. 

Their design is always very casual and somewhat funny, which is a fantastic way of creating a friendly and positive image around the brand. 

With Google Analytics being one of the essential tools on social media, it is also self-explanatory that Google is highly data-driven in all the SoMe activities.

IMG 5800


Slack is a good example of how featuring ongoing interactions with customers can be outstanding content for SoMe. Their feed is full of product updates, customer success stories, QA style posts, and feedback. They have a friendly, helpful approach to all comments and mentions, which again adds to the overall brand image and how people perceive and feel about the brand.

Screenshot 2022 04 25 at 11.51.42


IBM is yet another example of how even a huge, “serious” enterprise can stay human on SoMe channels. Many people find it interesting how they are tweeting comments to related and popular memes or using emojis and defining some funny combinations besides their usual more serious posts. Showcasing that a company can share content featuring relevant information for the users and silly content. Based on the examples, the followers love it!

IMG 6526


HubSpot has been the master of B2B social media content for many years. That didn’t happen as a mistake, but it is the outcome of hard work. In 2016 Brian Halligan, the co-founder of HubSpot, even said that they prioritize digital marketing over sales.

Most of HubSpot’s content is educational, focusing on platform usage and on how to run specific business tasks. By doing so, they can use the same materials for existing customers and new lead generation, which is quite handy.

IMG 6527


MailChimp is an excellent example of how you can just take credit for something that already exists. After all, social media is not all about taking credit for your own work, but also about sharing others’ messages. This way of building trust and credibility is exactly what B2B buyers are looking for.


There are endless ways of using social media when you run your company’s accounts. There are a few rules you should keep in mind regarding the content and the frequency of your posts, but the line between revolutionary and scandalous content can be quite slim. So you need all of the inspiration you can get from the best in the game.

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