Which companies benefit from B2B eCommerce?

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Are you wondering whether B2B eCommerce would be relevant and beneficial for your wholesale business? Whether your company has the “right” size or if your products are suitable to sell digitally?

If you ask us, the answer will most likely be yes! 

Almost all industries, businesses, and companies selling wholesale are very likely to experience benefits when investing in B2B eCommerce.

In this blog post, we will give examples of how companies in different industries and of different sizes benefit from B2B eCommerce. 

But before we get to that, let’s establish some basics:

What is a B2B company?

A B2B company is a company that sells its products or services to other businesses. The term ‘B2B’ stands for Business to business. 

Opposite B2B is ‘B2C’ that stands for ‘Business to customer’

What is B2B eCommerce?

When businesses do business with each other on an online platform it’s called B2B eCommerce.
As you probably know by now the internet has influenced our lives in a big way. And we’re sure, that you – as a private person – have bought products online on a webshop.
B2B eCommerce is basically the same thing – just for businesses.
A nice, user-friendly eCommerce platform is great for a myriad of reasons – and we will get back to those later in this post 🙂

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Size (number of retailers and orders)

As mentioned in the beginning this blog post is all about giving examples of how companies in different industries and sizes can benefit from a B2B eCommerce platform.

First, let’s examine size:

The size of your company is an important factor when determining how it benefits from investing in B2B eCommerce. Notice how we put emphasis on “how”. 

That is we believe that companies selling wholesale will benefit from B2B eCommerce irrespective of their size. The difference, of course, is the magnitude of the effect and to some respect which benefits to expect.

It should be quite apparent that a large company with thousands of retailers and orders, will experience a different magnitude of effect compared to a single-person company. The nominal hours of manual work saved will be larger for a larger company.

The relative effect, however, is much closer between companies of different sizes. This is why we believe companies of all sizes would benefit from digitizing. If you are a single-person company, saving just one hour a week is a big deal. And of course, there are a lot of other benefits as well.

Type of product

The type of product your wholesale business is selling is of course also relevant for the potential benefits. At Turis, however, we have encountered very few companies selling types of products, that would not be suitable for B2B eCommerce – and trust us, we have talked to a lot of companies in different industries; Interior, furniture, clothes, shoes, foods and drinks, cosmetics, jewelry, sports equipment, industrial products, toys, and electronics to name a few.

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Almost all products in these industries will thrive in a B2B eCommerce setting, and the companies that invest in a B2B eCommerce platform will save time, limit mistakes, and increase sales.

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