We have a SaaS company. Our customers don’t.

We love SaaS products

Being a SaaS company automatically comes with a love for SaaS products. The impact of purposely made off-premise software solutions that are accessible from more or less anywhere and any device is mind blowing. As a SaaS company you are always on the hunt for tools and services that can make your day easier (aka. more fun) and your business more efficient (be it more sales, increased productivity, communication, etc.). Implementing these tools is done with two shakes of a lamb’s tail when you’ve done it a bunch of times and when you know how tech interacts.

Everyone uses SaaS solutions, right?

This question, or assumption rather, is something that you as a SaaS company. It’s pretty clear that it’s asked by a SaaS company that is fully aware of what SaaS actually is.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a name for all the subscription-based software tools that you and organization is using whether you are aware of the fact that they are indeed SaaS tools or not. And this is one of the reasons why a lot of companies (and especially the ones in less digitized industries) miss out on the power of SaaS. Yes, they might have a Google Business account, a Dropbox or an online project management tool. But it’s only for those classic business purposes where it’s impossible to miss out on SaaS (even Microsoft 365 is a SaaS product these days, crazy…).

However, it’s all the innovative, time-saving, money-saving, business-empowering solutions that you are missing out on, because guess what – they are not part of that classic “Office Suite” that is default in any business. What is included in the average Office Suite of business administration software is a bunch of tools that are very bad at solving tasks that they aren’t supposed to do, but since they are in that standard tool chest people use them for ill fit purposes. The result is something like this:

turis after webgraphic
These are just some of the tools that users has tried to re-purpose for their wholesale business. Read our “After switching to Turis” article to learn more.

Do you want to run your business in a spreadsheet?

Using these standard tools doesn’t give you that competitive edge. The innovative tools that were purposely made to solve specific tasks, those are the ones that makes you differentiate. All while you don’t have to be an expert in IT, digitization or code. That is what the SaaS solutions you choose do for you – they are experts in the specific business area they find themselves in. It’s their core product.

So why should you care? Because you are running a business where you are the expert in your core product that serves your customers and users with something that they need. Something they care about. Something that’s valuable because people (you) spent time creating and continuously developing quality products.

How do you do that? By running your business on software that performs actions that are crucial to your business in a best-practice way so you don’t have to figure out how to do that new next-level spreadsheet that can accept wholesale orders in a way that you or none of your customers like.

We focus on doing few things, but doing them really well

We don’t pride ourselves in being a Swiss Army Knife for all-things B2B. We focus on eCommerce and digitizing of your wholesale. That makes for a stronger and more focused product and we’d love to give you a tour if you’d like to stop patching plugins together or generating new Excel order forms that your customers will hate (and maybe even stop) filling.