The Unpopular Topic of Discrimination in B2B and Wholesale

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Discrimination is a term that carries a lot of weight. Most of us associate it with social injustice or unequal treatment based on personal characteristics. However, in the world of B2B eCommerce and wholesale, “discrimination” takes on a more nuanced form. Here, it is not necessarily about injustice but about individualization. Yet, it remains an unpopular topic to discuss, even though it is integral to how these businesses operate.

The Reality of Individualization

In the B2B sector and wholesale industry, individualization, or what some might call “discrimination,” is often the rule rather than the exception. Businesses in this field must deal with different types of clients who have different needs. Some may require specific shipping rates, while others may demand exclusive access to particular products. As a result, how these businesses interact with their clientele varies considerably, often driven by the capabilities of their B2B portal or management systems.

Manual Approaches to Individualization

Companies use a plethora of methods to manage this individualization. Some might embed this information into contractual agreements or terms. Others might maintain spreadsheets (like Google Sheets) that detail the unique considerations for each client. More traditional settings may even rely on post-it notes in a back office, reminding employees of how to set up orders for different customer types. Unfortunately, most of these methods are time-consuming and prone to errors.

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The Hidden Cost: Customer Misalignment

A less obvious but significant problem with such manual methods of individualization is customer misalignment. If your customer cannot see the special conditions you’ve set for them—like unique pricing or minimum order amounts—it undermines the whole purpose of customization. Without visibility into these elements through a transparent B2B portal, customers may be skeptical of the final invoice, leading to delays or potential loss of business.

The Need for a Better B2B Management System


For businesses to truly benefit from individualization, they need a B2B management system that not only makes the process less cumbersome but also aligns with their customers. In this age, where everything is rapidly digitizing, sticking to archaic methods for B2B order taking is not only inefficient but also a deterrent for potential customers.

Turis: The Ultimate Solution

Enter Turis, a wholesale eCommerce platform designed to solve all your individualization problems. Turis allows you to set up custom parameters for each of your clients or even specific segments. This means you can offer different prices, product selections, and minimum order amounts based on each customer’s unique needs. All these settings are displayed transparently, ensuring that what your customer sees is what they get.

Turis offers an intuitive and user-friendly B2B portal where all these individualizations are straightforward to implement and, more importantly, visible to your clients. The Turis B2B eCommerce platform provides an optimal solution to manage your individualized client interactions, promoting better customer alignment and reducing error margins drastically.

The Bottom Line

In the B2B and wholesale landscape, individualization is not a choice but a necessity. While many manual methods of managing this individualization exist (such as low-fi tools like spreadsheets), they are rife with drawbacks, from the immense time investment to the risk of errors. Moreover, they fail to offer the customer visibility, leading to potential misalignment and lost sales opportunities.

Turis provides a robust solution for all your individualization needs, from setting unique client parameters to offering a transparent and easy-to-use B2B portal. In a world where time is money, choosing a wholesale eCommerce platform like Turis can make all the difference in aligning with your clients and fostering long-lasting, profitable relationships.

The point is not whether individualization should be a part of your business strategy; the question is how to do it effectively. With tools like Turis, you can ensure that your B2B management is not only efficient but also transparent and aligned with your customers. And in today’s fast-paced, digital world, that’s not just a luxury—it’s a necessity.

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