How to find the right products for B2B e-commerce

Are you just starting a new B2B brand? Are you wondering if your products are fit for selling online using a B2B e-commerce platform?

Meeting your B2B sales targets can be tricky. And if you are just starting, you probably have thousands of questions;

  • What products should I sell, and are they fit for e-commerce?
  • Will my customers be able to order online from my B2B e-commerce store?
  • How will I ensure that it is profitable?
  • Where do I even start?!

These are some crucial questions to ask yourself before starting, and you might feel the pressure building. Fortunately, this blog post can give you a little guidance.

So let us help you organize your thoughts and find out if your products are right for B2B e-commerce.

What do the “right” products mean?

Before we share with you the parameters to consider when choosing your products, we need to define what the right product is.

This question does not have one true answer. It really comes down to what your purpose is. What is the reason that you are building a B2B brand and selling your products via an e-commerce platform?

Do you have a particular interest in your product? – is it a hobby of yours that you want others to enjoy as well? Are you in it for the money and don’t care what products you are selling? Or do you just like building a business and having fun in the process?

Probably, it is a little bit of everything. So when deciding what the right product is for you, consider what is most important to you. After all, this is something that you will be spending a lot of hours on.

How do you choose the products for B2B e-commerce?

Assuming that the right product for you is in fact based on some of the conventional parameters, here are some things to consider when deciding on a product:

  • Passion
  • Pain
  • E-commerce trends

We are going to elaborate more on these below.


The most important aspect to consider when choosing the right products for your B2B eCommerce store is passion.

You want to make sure that you are selling products that you are passionate about. As mentioned in the last section, you are going to spend a lot of hours building and selling your product.

Do you spend your days thinking about your favorite hobby or spare-time activity that you are genuinely passionate about? Maybe you love hiking and want to sell hiking equipment? Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with padel tennis and want to rackets. Or you enjoy crafting handmade items that your friends and family are constantly asking if they can purchase.

If you have something that you feel so strongly about and love doing, why not turn your passion into a B2B e-commerce success!


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Next, you need to consider whether your product is curing some pain for your potential customers.

While it’s great that you sell something that you are passionate about, you also need to make sure that someone wants to buy your products. At least if you want your B2B e-commerce business to last.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Is there something they are missing in their daily life? What products would make their daily struggles a little easier?

Solving people’s frustrations, needs, or desires is the key to building a profitable B2B e-commerce business.

Last but not least, it’s never a bad idea to look at the latest e-commerce trends when deciding on what products to sell.

While the current trends should not be the key determiner of what products to sell, you should definitely take them into consideration. You don’t want to invest all your life savings into an industry that is steadily decreasing in popularity and has been so for years. Like Discmans. Don’t bet your savings selling Discmans online.

So what are the latest e-commerce trends?

Well, Cloudways made a list of the top 47 trending products to sell online in 2021. The list is ever-updated, but currently, the first 10 products on the list are:

  1. Portable Blender
  2. Nail Polish
  3. Wireless Phone Chargers
  4. Face Shield
  5. Phone Lenses
  6. Shapewear
  7. Strapless Backless Bra
  8. Doormats
  9. Front Facing Baby Carrier
  10. Car Phone Holder

While this list of trending products is based on B2C e-commerce sales, they are certainly relevant for B2B e-commerce as well.

As you can tell from the list, it is a fairly common household item that people order online. So you don’t have to come up with any revolutionary new product to start a B2B e-commerce business.

Start selling your B2B e-commerce products!

We hope this brief blog post gave you some insights on how to find the right products for B2B e-commerce.

If you are like most people, you probably want to start selling as soon as possible. But before doing so, it’s important to take some time and consider all of the factors mentioned above. Choosing the products of B2B e-commerce to sell is crucial if you aim to succeed. Be bold, think strategically, and differentiate your e-business ideas.

Choose the right B2B e-commerce platform to sell your products

Almost as important as selecting the right products is selecting the right B2B e-commerce platform to manage your online sales.

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