B2B eCommerce’s Favorite B2B Buyer Login Portal: Why You Need One

Turis: The Easiest B2B Ecommerce Platform with a Tailored B2B Wholesaler Login

turis b2b buyer login portal

First of all, why should you have a B2B eCommerce that has a customized B2B login page? Well, there are several reasons; make sure your branding is all over so that everyone remembers you, create a better customer experience, and increase your B2B sales because you have made it so easy to place an order that your wholesalers want to place orders over and over again.

In case you are already selling online B2B products with an eCommerce solution – or considering getting started – you might as well go with a solution that allows you to customize your login page from the start and in just a few clicks.

Second reason, in the world of B2B and wholesale eCommerce, every click, every process, and every moment your customer spends navigating your platform can have a huge impact in their experience and your business’s success. That’s where Turis enters the game, transforming and making it easy for B2B customers to interact with your eCommerce platforms.

What is a Customized B2B Buyer Login Portal?

First things first, a login page (when it comes to a B2B webshop) is where the B2B and wholesale customers log in to order wholesale products. The customers use their credentials (email and password) and are granted access to the online B2B shop, from where they can order from their wholesale suppliers.

Then there’s the ‘customized’ part. As a brand looking for a B2B eCommerce solution to help you sell digitally, you will find that some vendors of B2B eCommerce software only allow a generic login page. That means that the login page your customers are seeing is identical to all your competitors’ login pages. You, as the brand-owner, have no saying in how the login page looks like, and in no way does it look good or feels like your brand.

With a customized (or brandedB2B login page, on the other hand, you as the brand can fully personalize the login page. You decide how you want your B2B webshop to present itself to your customers when they first log in. This way you can build a login page that follows your brand’s visual guidelines, style, and identity.

Examples of Turis’ Clients B2B Buyer Login Portals

Why does this matter?

You might wonder why we focus so much on a B2B Login page? In B2B eCommerce, the first impressions are crucial and a smooth buying experience is key. So a dedicated login page means:

  1. Immediate Access: Your customers, retailers and wholesalers are busy professionals and they have many other things in their mind besides creating orders. They appreciate efficiency and immediate access to your product catalog and ordering system. Times is money both for them and for you.
  2. Optimal Security: When we simplify the B2B buyers experience when accessing your eCommerce through our Login Portal, we still ensure security and privacy. A dedicated login system ensures that only authorized users can access your B2B portal.
  3. Personalized Experience: A dedicated login portal allows for a personalized shopping experience, remembering past orders, preferences, and tailored recommendations.
  4. Brand Consistency: Your login page is the first touchpoint of your digital presence. With Turis, it’s not just a portal; it’s an extension of your brand’s essence and commitment to customer service.

An 83% of B2B buyers prefer ordering or paying through digital commerce.

Gartner – June 22, 2022

Current B2B Logins vs. Turis B2B Login

Usually, when B2B or wholesale customers want to access their eCommerce stores, they’re asked to go through so many steps: requesting a six-digit code, which is then emailed to them. They must get the code, go back to the login page, and only then can they access the portal or even other more complex ways. These complicated processes, might seem secure and efficient but they are far from being efficient or user-friendly. It gets even worse for B2B ecommerce businesses that rely on quick reordering or frequent check-ins to their suppliers.

Now, think about the impact that this complex process has on customer activation and retainment. In the B2B world, personal invitations and seamless access to a storefront are differentiators of customer engagement and retention. If the first time your customer with your platform is frustrating, you are risking not just a lost sale, but a lost relationship.

Turis: the easiest B2B eCommerce Platform with a dedicated B2B Wholesaler Login

Recognizing the need for a more streamlined, efficient and inviting login experience, Turis is the player in the market that offers a the best and easiest dedicated login page for B2B and wholesale customers. This isn’t just a minor feature; it’s a game-changer. With Turis, there’s no need for codes or back-and-forth email checks.

b2b front store turis 4

Customers have their login credentials, granting them immediate access to the platform. It’s straightforward, it respects the user’s time, and most importantly, it mirrors the ease of use that we’ve come to expect from the best B2C experiences.

B2B eCommerce Future Proof

Benefits and more benefits, that is what you gain by having a B2B login system that goes all the way from the easy access to having a look and feel that matches your brand. At the end of the day quick and easy access means faster ordering, which will lead to better inventory management, streamlined operations, and ultimately B2B sales growth.

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