How easy is it to convert to an online B2B eCommerce platform?

Tired of manually handling your wholesale orders? Are you considering investing in an online B2B eCommerce platform to avoid the hassle? Then you are not alone.

Many businesses selling their products wholesale are aware of the benefits of an online B2B eCommerce platform. Few, however, get around to investing in one. Two of the main reasons are the cost and the expected long and tiresome implementation.

In this blog post, we will focus on the latter concern, the implementation. If you are interested in learning how can a B2B eCommerce platform save money and time, you can read our other blog posts as well.

First step – your products

First thing first! For you to have an online B2B eCommerce shop, you need to have products to sell. With Turis we give you three options to create your digital products; You can create each product manually, you can upload all products at once using a spreadsheet, or you can duplicate your products via integration from your accounting system.

Since the focus of this blog post is speed, the latter two options are preferred. Uploading a spreadsheet or importing your products via an integration will be done in minutes.

Second step – your retailers/resellers

The next step in setting up your personal online B2B eCommerce platform is adding your retailers. At least if you want to sell your products. Just as with the creation of products, there are three options; Manual, uploading a spreadsheet, or via integration from your accounting system. Again, if making use of one of the latter two options, the process is done in minutes.

When you add a customer to your Turis platform, they will automatically receive an invitation by email, to shop your products in your new online B2B eCommerce shop. They simply need to click a link to your shop, and they are good to go.

Third step – get started!

The third step is quite simple; kick back and relax! Your online B2B eCommerce platform is now up and running. From now on you will receive your wholesale orders digitally. This removes the burden of manual order handling and frees up time to focus on growing your business.

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So how long does all this take? The outlined course of action above is, of course, the most simplified way of setting up a Turis B2B eCommerce platform. If you want to make use of all the additional features that Turis offer, it might take a bit longer. Depending on the size of your business, the entire operation can be done within a couple of days or a week’s time. Then you will have your very own customized online B2B eCommerce platform, that both you and your customers will cherish.

In case you want to dive deeper into this topic, you can read the definitive guide we put together about B2B eCommerce.

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