Do your retailers really prefer a digital B2B eCommerce solution?

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Have you read any of our earlier blog posts?

If so, you have probably noticed the following recurring claim; That your retailers prefer to conduct their wholesale purchases via a digital B2B eCommerce solution.

In this blog post, we are back with the same claim. This time, however, we have brought proof to back it up! Below, we will reference three different sources, each backing our claim in their respective way.

85% of B2B customers prefer digital (when purchasing from a regular supplier)

The first proof comes from a 2017 article from McKinsey & Company. The article is based on surveying more than 1,000 buyers in four different countries on their preferences when dealing with suppliers. A main finding in the article is, that 85% of the retailers would prefer not to talk to a salesperson when purchasing from a regular supplier.

43% of B2B customers expect wholesalers to be digital

The second proof is from a 2018 report from The Danish Chamber of Commerce. Here, 43% of the interviewed companies explained, that they experienced an increasing expectation from their retailers, to make themselves available online.

Wholesalers with a B2B eCommerce solution experience improved customer relations

The last proof is from a 2017 analysis conducted by The Confederation of Danish Industry. The analysis is based on interviews with 808 different B2B companies on their experiences with eCommerce. They find that, while the main effect of having a digital B2B eCommerce solution is increased efficiency, improved customer relations are a strong second. Especially smaller wholesale companies experienced both better customer retention and new customers.

There you have it. “Scientific” proof that your retailers prefer the possibility of conducting their B2B purchasing via a digital B2B eCommerce solution.

So why not indulge them in this? Especially when it is as easy and affordable as with Turis.

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